Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sya is Going Gadgety

LoveSya has been active with her sewing and making her crafts. Remember her faceless dolls - SYA IS TEN. Well she has been actively making other crafts using fabric and felt cloth. Mending her own dolls and so forth. Making mess along the way.

She is not up to the level yet but she is going there Insya Allah. She usually make them and give it to people. I must tell her to take photos of them before she gives it away.

Sewing machineBecause she is interested, we decided to buy her a sewing machine. I am not sure if it is too early or will interfere with her craft hand sewing interests, but I personally think that whatever that she has in her mind, it will go hand in hand.

Pity her or perhaps good for her, I am not a sewing person. I am not crafty nor do I have any interest at the moment to embark on sewing. And I have no idea what to do. SO how does one guide her child to sew when she cannot sew herself - and no teacher to do it for her? Ask Mr google of course.

So that's what I did. She, at the moment, has been practicing on straight line, sewing reverse, practicing on curved lines. I have been following what the course has told me to do on her. If you have any suggestion please please do share with me. How did you start your sewing journey?

I love it when one has a good hobby. I am willing to support it as much as I can Isnya Allah. MAy it gives benefit.


Anonymous said...

i started mine by meddling around my aunts stuffs. my mum sew too but haraplah dia nak bagi kacau her gadgets lol but she did support by buying the sewing kit & my aunt taught me how to sew my first baju kurung at 12 i think.

kain perca is a good idea to play around with to.make those patched blankets. mr google is a good help, could dload patterns thats simple for her to work with too ;)

أم الليث said...

rajinnya sya! so thoughtful too, making gifts for people.
you're a good mum...wpun sendiri tak menjahit still bleh tolong anak menjahit