Sunday, February 26, 2012

Book Review

Haziq was asked to make a book review of any topic he wishes. This is what he wrote

Book Review

Title: The Holy Qur’aan

Author: Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

Genre: Comprehensive, covers every aspect thinkable

Why should we read it?
There are many benefits as to why. It is the book of which the words have been preservedfor more than 1,400 years, unedited. It is complete and perfect, and is a miracle both linguistically and intellectually. There are neither contradictions nor doubts in it. Its content include, but not limited to, how to greet people by giving the greeting of peace, stories of the great people of the past including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, the equality of woman, miracles of science, the demarcation of what is right and wrong, the limited world now and the never ending hereafter. It tells you how to worship the true Lord of the Worlds as He wants to be worshipped, without which human will be inventing their own ways to worship God or create their own God which always turns up to be a mere creation. It is the only book that can be read over and over again and each time with a refresh profound understanding. It gives contentment, peace, humility, love, fear and awe to His might. A universal book that can apply to all time periods and it has the solution for all of mankind’s problems - depression, discrimination, and inequality, political, financial, social, and moral. This is the book that gives guidance to mankind and in its pages contains the true salvation in this world and in the world after. Also, the Quran isn’t just a book, it is God’s speech, a discourse, in its original form, and should be treated likewise.

I pray that whoever reads it would be guided to pick the Quran and read the Great Book for themselves and may Allah guide them.

This is another book review he wrote.

Book Review

Title: October Sky

Author: Homer H. Hickam

Genre: Memoir

Why should we read it?
It is a book that can relate to teenagers or anyone that has experienced teenagehood very well. It is the story about a group of teenage boys living in a mining town, Coalwood, West Virginia in the 1950-60s, who against all odds from a rocket group and make rockets, the highest reaching 5 miles into the sky. It is a great read and very inspirational, and can be a good boost of morale or spirit anytime.

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