Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jack Getting Wiser

JackJack sometimes would get in his reflecting moment and think about deeper things. I really should be recording his words but alas I forgot.

Jack told Sya the other day, "You know if you trace back everyone's parents' parents and their parents and their parents, we all go back to Adam. We are all really brother and sisters. All of us. Everyone of us in the world."

Wow! He gets overwhelmed by this idea. That's really alot of brothers and sisters.

Jack is not into world problems. To him the world is a happy world and having brothers and sisters is a beautiful thing.

He is just happy that he has so many brother and sister.

But this big family are fighting just about everywhere in the globe.


If you do read my past posts about him, he usually cries easily about things. Lately he has been crying each time he reads the last four verses of suratul Fajr. He heard my little talk to some teenagers the other day about these verses.

Really, I think sometimes I underestimate some children. They do and are ableto understand. perhaps it is their fitrah in them. I wrote about the surah HERE.

I ask Allah to give me patience and wisdom to nurture my children. And they become among those who are righteous.


butterflutter said...

Agree. Do not underestimate esp your youngest child.

أم الليث said...

Little children...hearts so pure :)