Sunday, March 04, 2012


I was driving to pick up the kids the other. I got at the junction where I am supposed to turn left. The traffic light was red and I stopped.

Then I heard honking. I ignored it for a few seconds because honking is so common so why bother. It has become some background nice sometimes. But the honking went on. I turned right. There was a Ford Mustang next to me. The driver was a man with long red curly hair tied up in a pony tail making a huge mop style hair. He was smiling and talking something in a made up sign language.

Oh he was asking permission from me to cut queue and whether he can go in front of me. Oh, what a nice chap, asking permission to cut queue. That was new. So I let him while I busy myself doing what I like in the car.

But he couldn't get in immediately because there was not much space in front of me and the light was red. So there he was waiting at the end of the line of short poles that are put so people don't cut queues or to put division between those who wants to drive straight or make a turning.

*Blink*. the light is now green. I gave him time to get in front of me because I am patient that way. And at that very moment, I heard a short police siren. Oooppss the big police Toyota Landcruiser was next to him pointing to him! He tried to say something to the police by giving some made up sign language. But the police was not buying it or he couldn't understand the sign language or he didn't find his mop red hair cute, followed the Mustang and tell him to stop over.


But he did ask for permission.


أم الليث said...

hahahah 'baiknya' orang tu

ummu `abidah said...

Skrg ni mmg polis jaga mcm tu, sape potong2 jln ni kena potong la income dia sikit utk bulan ni. Tp bila dh minta izin tu kira baik la tuu..