Thursday, March 22, 2012

It means a world to Haziq too

Because I cannot afford to miss some of my classes, I sometimes sacrifice not going to Haziq's award ceremonies at school. Well, mostly sebab dia dah besar anyway, I think he can understand. Unlesslah dia buat performance sekolah like debating or give a talk or anything of that sort, then I'll go. So I usually skip his award ceremony, but I still go for Sya's and Jack's because it means a world to them.

Award ceremony sekolah Haziq tu bukannya best sangat pun. Call out the names laju-laju and kasi cert aje. So yeah, skip school for that?

Sometimes Haziq would give me a letter from his school, saying ada award ceremony. And I would ask, what day is it? And he would name the day and I would say, I have class Haziq. It's ok, he would say, you make me nervous anyway. I might fell off the stairs. *Laughters* Closed case.

So one day, the award ceremony was not on my school day and I asked him, should I go. And he said, well it doesn't matter pun. I told him, I will go anyway.

So I went. But that morning, the traffic was really bad. The ceremony was at 8:30, I managed to be there at maybe 8:50. The ceremony was still going on trailing to the finishing part. Went through the bad traffic but didn't get to view Haziq receiving the cert? Oh well Qadr Allah. I went up to him anyway to say congratulations.

And he said, "Wow! You came! I was looking for you when I was on stage but couldn't find you and i actually felt disappointed. All the while I was looking for black tudung and you are wearing green! No wonder!" He grinned proudly.


Yes haziq I am not wearing black today.


أم الليث said...

Sebak pulak dengar! T_T

Nusayba said...

I don't think yearn for attention dissipates as a child gets older. Not for me anyway. Different form je kot. Sometimes I feel I contradict myself; on one hand, wants to be treated as an adult, on the other, masih nak bermanja putting my head on my ibu's lap and have her usap my hair.

Congratulations to Haziq.

Lollies said...

You are correct. Haziq,, I am sure, he knows how I do not like missing classes. The thing is I can miss teh class. It's not like you have to take leave or anything. I just don't like it because of the difficulty of me catching up. Pastu tunjuk macho tak nak susahkan ibu. May Allah bless him.

But he is still a kid. I get confused sometimes.