Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We just do not know what Allah's Plans are

Prophet Muhammad salllahu alaihi wasalam made alot of effort calling for daawah to the other Arab tribes especially those who come to make pilgrimage in Makkah. Prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam was also looking for other areas to refuge Islam in. He, however, had to fight the bad words spread about him that he is a mad man, magician and so forth.He went to speak to many tribes but was often rejected.

It was the eleventh year of Prophethood. And the pilgrimage season was coming. Prophet and some of his companions passed by Aqabah in Mina, and heard some people talking. They went towards them and found six men from yathrib, all of them were from Khazraj tribe - As'ad bin Zurarah, "Awf bin Harith, Rafi' bin Malik, Qutbah bin "Amr, 'Uqbah bin 'Amr and Jabir bin Abdullah.

Anyway, these Madinese always hearing from the Jews (who stayed in Madinah hoping to receive a prophet) that a Prophet was about to rise. The Jews were also threatening the Madinah people.

You see the Arabs from Madinah were always at war between tribes. They were also pagans and were never scholarly and knowledgeable like the Jews. The Jews threatened the Medina people that a Prophet will come and the time is near. And when a prophet does come, the Jews will follow him and then they will kill all of these pagans as the children of 'Ad and Thamud had been killed.

So the Madinese had the idea of a coming prophet for along time.

Prophet salllahu alaihi wasalam, introduced to them that he is a prophet and that he is calling people to tawheed that is to worship only one God. The God who create all things, the God that gives life and take life.

When they heard this, they exchanged ideas among themselves that this must be the Prophet that the Jews were threatening them about and they decided to haste in embracing the religion before the Jews get it first.

Thus they embraced Islam.

Who would have thought, that because the Jew were taking about the prophet so much, that this was a platform to prepare The Madinah people for a prophet. The Arabs at that time had no structured religion unlike the Jews and the Christians. They were worshipping idols that they made even though they do believe in God who creates.

With all that are happening in this world now, only Allah knows what kind of platform is He preparing for all of us. To create more shaheed? To create a stronger ummah. To wake us up? to be united? To open the eyes and heart of the believers? To prepare us for Imam Mahdi?

Indeed Allah knows best. He is the best planner.

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