Thursday, May 17, 2012

We are Going on a House Hunt

We are going on a house hunt
We are not sure which one
What a beautiful time
We are not sad.

My house contract will be ending this coming 20th June. We wanted to continue staying because we loved it. Qadr Allah the landlord didn't want us. He in fact has bigger plans. he will demolished all his 6 villas to build flats on the very spot.

What a pity. the houses are very nice. Well maintained. Wonderful finishing. Well sized. It is almost ideal.

I guess we can see it coming. Our house is currently surrounded by the giant flats. The house is a dwarf compare to its surroundings. We also see potential parking hazard ver soon once the flats get occupied. Man it is beginning to be a trouble now. I am an expert in writing NO PARKING in arabic now and putting it on the respective windscreen.

Jack cried when we told the children. Awww he has a tender heart. Almost upon cue, I consoled him.


Insya Allah we will find another place. I love this place too. But it is temporary. All places are temporary. In fact everything is temporary. Allah has given us a nice place to enjoy temporarily, and we have occupied it to the best we could, it is time to move on. Let us pray that Allah will replace this house which is something better for us in dunya and akhirah.


Now, I am going out almost everyday hunting for the house. Am scrolling adverts. Stuck like glue on the monitor screen. Dive my head into the papers. The market doesn't look very exciting. the price is slightly up.

And worse nothing can match what we have now.

I need to read again what I told Jack.

Goto begin

May Allah replace us with a better house that will only bring us closer to Him.


أم الليث said...

May Allah ease your affairs!
Tak bestnya cari rumah..huhu...
Rumah tu mmg dah cantik and best sgt plak tu kan

Lollies said...


Tulah rumah tu memang sangat cantik and sangat ideal dari macam2 segi. cannot find anything similar unless you want to fork up a lot more. Insya Allah khayr.