Sunday, October 21, 2012


Among our routine in the evenings now is, me and jack have to wait in the car for Sya while she finishes her memorising class. I would usually park the car conveniently at the mall nearest to Sya's class. This is the best place so I can have easy access to musolla and toilet and food in case Jack needs any.

So to not waste time, Jack would do his memorisation with me, while I listen and check. Usually I would use the IPad IQuran HD. Alhamdulillah for technology. We can play our favourite sheikh reading a certain verse and repeating it many times.

Reflection of FBSo we were there again this evening, him reciting, me errr chcking the IPad. When suddenly Jack asked me what am  I doing. Apparently he can see the reflection of the screen on the car window.

And Gosh it was FACEBOOK!



أم الليث said...

Errr ooops! Hahahahah this is so funny

hai 4 kali kena masukkan verification code nih

zan said...

Hahah..i pun pernah kena lol!! I seriously think i should do less w fb :p

Aliya *wave x10*

Lollies said...

aliya - hahahahahha. Padan muka aku.

I think kan maybe dah lama tak comment kot, sebab tu lah macam selalu salah type the verification code tu.

zan - yeah that could help too. heheheh

Dills said...

Hahahahah kelakar ok. Rozi u hantar anak you memorizing quran kat mana? I nak hantar aidil. Swimming lesson kat mana bagus?

Lollies said...

Untuk umur Jack, I hantar kat ustaz indo. Dah besar baru i hantar kat sheikh masjid. Check out masjid near to your place mungkin ada some programmes.