Monday, December 03, 2012

When Haziq is Not Around

Haz\iq is not around for a week. He got selected, out of the last W0rld Sch0lar's cup round in Bangkok (HERE), to go for the summit of the game in Yale University, New Haven, the United States. He will later become a tourist in New York. He is having fun in the freezing cold weather, I am sure.

But Ibu is also finding herself with extra work in hand when he is not around. I find myself having to water the plants, wash the dishes by myself, angkat kain jemuran, fold his clothes. Bless him. Don't be too impress, he grumbles all the time.

Sya is taking up the dish washing but not in the full scale now.

Anak makin besar, kerja kurang sikit you (tapi kepala pening banyak).



famyGirl said...

Thumbs up utk Haziq! Tumpang bangga dan gumbira.

Saya tgh tunggu anak2 besar so that I can delegate byk tugas to them. Now masih takbolehpakaipunya. :P

Anonymous said...

Salam Lollies

Its been sometime I've visited your blog, in fact not only your blog, others too. Somehow I don't do blog surfing now.
But revisiting you here realised how much I've enjoyed reading your writings and the many lessons/reminders I got from it.
Its a pleasure to know that your children is doing well. I suppose that's not a surprise when the mother is such a resourceful woman.
I do hope you continue writing.


Dills said...

Pandainyaaaa anak you.