Monday, December 10, 2012

What's Your Fear?

Haziq told me the thing he thought was the coolest thing he did was to pray in congregation with the boys in his group at the Central park, New York. While his mat salleh teacher stood by waiting for them.

He did well in the competition he entered, Masya Allah tabarakallah. Got second place for science quizzes and arts. Won two debates out of four and receive honorouble mention. Allahuma Bareek. But all these came out pale compared to what he told me.

I hope this doesn't come out like bragging to you. May Allah protect me. Praises all go to Allah, the One who bestow tawfeeq and hidayah to the young men to be steadfast . And Yes I am proud of them. And I am happy that this is the group that my son is with. May Allah increase their eemaan till the end.

I have been in this situation. In the western place. Surrounded by mat sallehs. Public place and not knowing where to pray and not very willing to openly pray in front of them.

Will they watch me? Will they target me? How will I react after that? In the train cabin in Europe crossing countries, I felt worried what if someone walked on me? In the park near Gare du Nord, Paris, how do I wear the telekung?

Many I know, resort to fitting rooms and even toilets. Store rooms. Also made self fatwa not to pray.

May Allah guide my son and his friends for not being afraid to pray in the land where Muslims are better known as terrorists, where Muslims are the one accused of flying planes onto buildings. Where Muslims are the general targets. I am not sure how Haziq really felt. I asked him did you not feel afraid, he said no.

Until the day that we fear Allah most above everything else, then only we will achieve true victory.

And this is what I wish for myself, my family and all of you.


famyGirl said...

*sebak* So proud of Haziq :) And thumbs up untuk Ibu dia.

Ohh and also, Ameen to your du'a.

I must admit I was on of those yang solat in the fitting rooms at the malls. Nak kusyuk pun susah sebenarnya because I kept worrying if the sales girl would come knocking on the door asking if I was okay or needed help to change sizes and whatnot.

Dills said...

Sebak.. Dulu im one of those you mentioned self fatwa. Ameen to ur doa.

Lollies said...

famy - I understand. Even now, my heart masih bergetar bila terpaksa solat di kawasan banyak non muslims, openly or even at the corner. Ya Allah. What a weak eemaan. :(

Dilla - huuuggsss. been there