Friday, January 11, 2013


The last frontier of the Romans.

We moved out from Tabuk early (8 is early for me). It was 2 Celcius in Tabuk. Nice!

Tabuk has lots of farms. Mazra'ah everywhere.  Mazra'ah in arabic. We saw lots of these signs. And than they have many factories to process their farm produce. Masna'ah in arabic. We saw lots of these signs too.

And we passed this long stretch of olive farm. For definitely more than 20km long it ran. Tabuk must be a very fertile place. No wonder the Roman empire went down to Tabuk. and not further south into Saudi.Further south kering kontang. Just my thoughts though.

Anyway as I drove from Buraydah to tabuk and much more driving from Tabuk to Madinah, I can feel the pain of traveling in summer in this terrain. Desert after desert. In cruel summer heat. So imagine the Muslims who participated in the battle of Tabuk. 15 days marching. Very little supplies. Despite heavy donation by the sahabah, the 30,000 army was big. They had to share camels between 16 of them.

Anyway you can read about Tabuk in the seerah.

Tabuk now is snowing. Read HERE. In fact the whole of Jordan is snowing. Last week, Amman had rain and flood.

As much as I would love to play in the snow, I thank Allah that I escaped the snow. Thinking of driving in the snow on the mountainous road, shivers me. The week before we went, the forecast for my traveling week was not for us. It was forecasted to rain on the day I arrive and everyday.

Alhamdulillah it didn't.

But now reading that snow has swept over Jordan and the area surrounding it, my heart wept for the people who are suffering there who has no proper home, heat, food and many more. Ya Rabb ease their affair.

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