Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tell the Truth and Be Punished?

Let's put a halt on my travel writing. Somehow I have lost the mojo to write. But something happen today with the kids, that I feel I must pen it down.

Jack doesn't follow me to send Sya to ngaji anymore. He wants to stay at home. Supposedly practicing his surah that I'll ask him later when I come back home.

But his memorisation is really bad today and I was not happy at all. Earlier, I caught Haziq playing computer games which I was already angry because the rule is no games on weekdays and just this week alone he has breached this rule twice. So I pulled the monitor out and now his monitor is sitting shamelessly in my room for I don't know when. Maybe tomorrow because I know he has homework.

Anyway back to Jack, somehow he confessed that today he was playing games when I was outside (and not practising his surah). I was already angry with Haziq and this was perhaps the second last straw on the camel's back.

I was angry, that I told him, I could't hear you recite any longer tonight and left.

I calmed down sometime later then a thought came to me, he was telling the truth. He didn't have to say it and I wouldn't know. I can guess but I still wouldn't know. So I could at least appreciate the honesty bit.

Which I did. I said thank you for telling the truth and being honest with me even though you know that you'll get into trouble. We hugged. he cried.

Aaahhh soon he will be as tall as me and will he be as sensitive with soft heart. I don't know.

I just pray that he will  become righteous. All of them.

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