Saturday, January 05, 2013

The King's Way

Kings way signboard The King's Way Jordan. We are entering the famous King's Way of Jordan. The road by itself is like any other "A" road (trunk road) except that in Jordan, the road winds along the mountain. It runs for 297km from Petra to Madaba (refer to map).

It gained the name King's Way bot because it is the road for any specific king. Rather, because this is the very road that has been used for thousand of years for those who travel from North of Shams area, Damascus and so forth into Saudi and further south. So this is a historical route used for milleneums.

There is evidence that travelers also passed Wadi Rum inciting that they were going to Makkah which was the centre point linking from North (shams area) to South of Al Jazeera.

This inscription scribbled on the wall of Wadi rum (Down south of Jordan) describes that groups of camels traveling to Makkah. Can you see the scribble that look like flinstone car that is "mim kaf ta" which spells Mekkah. In the old days, there are no dots on the letters. This is the road that traders use to transport frankincense from down south Yemen or Oman up to Syria. It was widened by the Romans to facilitate troops and further trading and now maintained by the government of Jordan. The Christians used the road for their pilgrimage to Mt Nebo, near Madaba. Even before the Islam time, people have been using the same route for pilgrimage in Makkah and also trade. The road winds wround mountain and you can only imagine the hardship of traveling in the old days. Rihlah As Shita wa as Saif. travel in the winter (going south) and travel in summer (going north) It may be a treacherous road. Later on if they go south (starting from the south of Jordan), they will have to pass desert after desert. Element of danger and bandits are part of what is to be expected. As for the Quraysh, Allah has set them safe in His protection. So let them worship the Lord of this House (Kaabah) He who has fed them against hunger, and has made them safe from fear. Quraysh 106 Photobucket

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