Monday, February 04, 2013

The Children and the Quran

When I first had Haziq, I was ever determined that I will be the first to teach him the Quran. I wanted to be his first teacher. I wasn't a teacher material but Alhamdulillah, along the journey I had an easy opportunity to learn to read the Quran with tajweed.

Back then my determination was probably because I myself was taught by my mother, may Allah make this as light for her and forgive her sins. So I have always thought, it is natural for a mother to do so. Coupled with I-want-to-do-everything-myself-attitude, I made sure the class go on every week days.

Alhamdulillah I am still trying to teach the children the Quran. We are slowly doing memorisation of the words of Allah. However, I have also decided that come the right time, I will send them to others which obviously are more knowledgeable and Insya Allah will fine tune the children in their hifz.

Anyway, as I have mentioned sporadically in previous post, starting last summer, I felt that Sya is already ready and should go to a group class. Alhamdulillah we found one - for girls only. A small informal one where most of the girls are her friends who are also into Quran. They had quiz day last week where they are put in teams of two and compete with each other. Sya didn't win the overall quiz but I know she did well, Masya Allah, Tabarakallah.

And Sya can stand on her own. She looked confident with her answers. The spirit of the girls in the class encouraged her to push herself. In that sense, I felt that she has blossomed and I am proud of her. I am glad I made the decision to send her there. Such testing task I have to say, the distance and the traffic. Ya Allah..

I pray that Allah will open the doors for all of us for Quran. And the Quran that we read and we memorised will be for us and not against us.


Did I tell you also sitting down listening to them also help me with my own Quran. It's part of my Quran revision. So I haven't let go of them even though they are doing it with others. he he. Selfish sikit maaaa.


I would like to share with you a video. The video shows two boys who cried. The former because his football team lost and the latter is because he finally finished his Quran memorisation.  I am actually not in favour of the first part of the video because I personally I do not like to make comparison like this and plus you can see the boy's face. I don't like that. Also there is nothing wrong with football except that too much love in it is wasteful of emotion and heart space.

But please look at the message of the sweetness of completing memorisation Quran. ya Allah. The boy was already having a hard time reading from suratun Nasr because he knows in a few more surah will mark the end of his memrosising throughput the Quran. And that requires a big sacrifice and hard work.

May Allah allow us to live long to see this for ourselves first and to our children. Ya Rabb.


famyGirl said...

Good job, Ibu and Sya. Well done, Masya Allah. :)

I am still struggling with disciplining myself to be istiqomah in my efforts in reciting and learning the words of Allah. So far, managed to istiqomah in the weekly recitation of Al-Kahf.

Have not watched the video. Will do so soon, In Shaa Allah.

butterflutter said...

Masya Allah Lollies please keep sharing with us, ok. Bagi semangat kat kita jugak.

Totally agree with your 2nd last para.