Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Flowers are Brighter on the Other Side

We were told by our compound guard that they had bouganvilla planted in all houses. But ours didn't have this colourful easy to maintain flowers. Instead we had bushy, half dried creeping jasmines. Of course, if this country is autumn with pleasant sun, creeping jasmine on the wall would be nice. Alas, the summer is cruel, it wilts the fragile leaves and flowers. So i pulled out all the jasmines and planted a few bouganvilla around the wall. Personally, I think, this is the easiest plant to grow in this country. Very little maintenance except watering, fertilsing and pruning. And yet, under the hot sun, it blossom to bright colour flowers. The climbing one has the most beautiful effect. It's climbing very slowly though. I planted it last November. It's quite a tall wall to climb.

 photo DSC_0026_zps1e0ca35d.jpg

Look it's peeking out from the wall now, exclaiming, Freedom! Tee he he

bunga kertas rumah saya photo bungakertassaya_zps2992948f.jpg

Only one for now though because this one had a headstart compared to the rest of the bouganvilla. In November it was already at half the wall. It takes about three months to climb the next half of the wall.

And these are my neighbours'. Masya Allah!

Subhanallah. It's really nice to have all the neighbours who love flowers as well. Alhamdulillah I get to enjoy the colours everyday.


famyGirl said...

Masya Allah melimpah ruah pokok bunga your neighbors. I like looking at colorful bourganvilleas too, yang tak sanggup is the kering leaves and flowers yang gugur and terbang merata-rata. I don't plant bourganvilleas in my compound but somehow the kering leaves and bourganvilleas flowers from neighboring houses end up at my porch. :P My mom's house ada tanam pokok ni. Memang cantik bila dia berbunga banyak2.

Lollies said...

he he ambik yg kering tu buat compost.