Friday, April 05, 2013

Haziq's Virgin Ride

My lover has been having his mid-life crisis and is into MTB riding.Which I do encourage because truthfully I would do it myself.

 photo yazidbike_zps526dcf6d.jpg

I have been persuading my lover to take Haziq along. Especially on the easier rides. He has an extra bike. Extra helmet. Extra tight pants.

After months of persuading, and only when the days are getting hotter, lover finally agreed to take Haziq today. It's easy on the road ride.

Haziq looked like an excited child this morning. I told him, don't fall.

He came back and told me he had a fall. His knees were bleeding and his left wrist was in pain. Qadr Allah.

All the uncles were teasing lover that how will justify to me that cycling would be good for Haziq seeing that he fell on his first ride. Heh heh none of my men need to justify to me after a small fall like this.

Fall? Ride again young man.

We don't baby our men sissies.



famyGirl said...

I have to learn to be more like you and not worry too much and be over-protective :) I think the reality has finally sank in after Nuaym's recent accident that I have two boys and accidents will happen and highly likely leave scars. *roll eyes* Macam mana lah ibu-ibu yang ada ramai/semua anak lelaki deal with this kind of things. :P

Lollies said...

But famy your boys are young. This is the time to baby them. give them assurance of protection. Insya Allah to build their self confidence. Haziq ni dah besar. Tak adalah I buat tak tau. I talked to him and showed concern. Tapi taklah I cakap, dah tak yah naik basikal lagi nanti jatuh lagi sian anak ibu. :P

famyGirl said...

Hee hee hee. Of course I will baby them until they naik rimas :)