Monday, July 15, 2013

Defending Ibu

I invited some friends over for buka puasa at my place the other day. While the adults enjoyed their meal, hopefully, the kids dashed upstairs to play. Jack and his friends played Wii.

If you are familiar with Wii you will probably know that in Wii you can create characters that you would use to play and Wii would store your record and accumulated strength. You can design a look (using their options) to suit your Wii character.

My kids designed the characters for all of us and my character is called, surprise surprise, "Ibu" and my lover: "ayah" and them in their respective names. They added some fictional characters that they use sparingly.

Anyway the kids were playing Wii and somehow while they played, this character "Ibu" kept annoying this kid. Out of his annoyance the boy exclaimed, "What is this stupid woman doing?!!"

Zachary, totally unhappy that someone called his "Ibu" stupid stood up to the boy and said,

"Don't call my mother stupid! She is clever, intelligent, creative, beautiful, fun and very cute!"

Yeah i do teach him that I am beautiful! LOL! The rest are from him Allahuma Bareek!

This was reported to me by Mrs Fath via her daughter who was there.

Jack took offense that the boy was insulting me event hough the character was not me for real. Despite that, I ask Allah that he (and my children and yours) become among those who stands for the truth and among those who differentiate truth from falsehood the way that Allah is please with.

Sayang Jack.

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famyGirl said...

Ameen to your du'a.
Alaaaaa... how sweet of JackJack. Aunty pun cair baca... :)