Tuesday, July 30, 2013

May Allah Increase You in Knowledge

I learned about someone's helper this last few days. Even though a tad too late but Alhamdulillah, whatever that Allah has planned, is always good.

My friend's helper for six years is leaving. She has been a very good helper. She is the only Indonesian helper I know who can speak Kelantan fluently. This she gained after six year stint with her Kelantanese host.

With a heavy heart on both my friend and the helper, she asked to quit because she has become even more wary about the issue of mahram. That a woman shouldn't be travelling without mahram.

On her free time, she likes watching HUDA TV. HUDA TV is an islamic channel where you get to watch Islamic programmes of various topics. The quality is to be reckoned with. She has been picking up a lot of knowledge from it. She is learning the deen and she is picking up english as well. Masya Allah. She is further assisted by my friend's children who use english generously at home.

Out of her thirst of learning, she bought the Sahih Bukhari collection of hadith (The abridged one) and has read it cover to cover. Masya Allah I am simply impressed.

I met her the other day and talked to her. Yes she can speak reasonable english. I am just not sure if she can understand my BM because I don't do Kelantan language and my attempt on Indonesian language is laughable. So we speak rojak. Masya Allah I enjoyed talking to her. I encouraged her to learn when she gets home. I gave her some good lins that she can continue to listen to when she gets back. I am just not sure whether she will have access to the internet though. I also encourage her to teach. Her little knowledge on english could be helpful to the Indonesians especially the children. Teach what you can. She said she is not good enough. Make du'a that Allah opens up your way and if it's good for you, Allah will open a way.

I just love seeing people who love to improve themselves. It is so heart warming. An example of my new friend here, in six years  she has gained knowledge of languages and her deen too. And all through self taught by the will of Allah.

I invited some people over for a friend's farewell yesterday. She came as well (with my friend of course). I gave her some books in english and encouraged her to learn. The look in her eyes when she got those books is akin to a child given an IPAD nowadays.


 May Allah increase her in knowledge that is beneficial. 


famyGirl said...

Masya Allah what an inspiring and touching story. Made me a bit sebak at the end. *sniff*

famyGirl said...

Am curious to know what books you gave her... if you don't mind sharing the titles :)
My face would normally lit up as well kalu dapat hadiah buku2 hee hee hee

Lollies said...

LOL. i kasi buku random je. Mostly what I have spare. Except for the small sunnah book and fortress of muslim.I think i gave her : why do we pray, weakness of faith.