Sunday, July 21, 2013

It is in the History

Once upon a time, long long time ago, came a group of people in a desert area. They were searching for a precious jewel in this area as described in detail in their sacred book. In this area lived simple people of two different groups.

The new group were clever devious people. They were also merchants and experts in trade, jewel making and creating businesses. They worked hard in their business and they have fluorished in this new land. They even managed to control the trade of the area that even the locals were sidelined.

They used to give loans to the chief of the two local groups which the chief than would boast off their wealth to others. To ensure a strong anchor in this area, they conspired to spread mischief in this new land. Their approach: divide and conquer which was easy. Here in this land are two groups of locals who could never get along. The chiefs flaunt their wealth by the loans that they could easily provide. All they need to do is to ensure that the two local groups never reconcile and must never be able to meet eye to eye.

The new group of people would sit back and laughed at these local groups who are constantly at each other's throat. They are destroying each other in continuous war. The more the local groups are at war, the more the new group enjoyed their assumed power and wealth in this new country.

Once in a while, they would threaten the locals, "Once we find the jewel we are waiting for, be sure that we will destroy all of you!" The locals were always feeling inferior that this new group who is far wealthier has an upperhand above them.

After years of bloody, tiring war and destruction, the locals heard of a jewel found in another nearby land. Could it be, this is the jewel the new group has been talking about? What if we get to him first. And so they did.

The locals embraced islam at the hand of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam. The locals are the Aws and Khazraj, the two tribes that could not meet eye to eye. Under the guidance of Prophet Muhamamd salllahu alaihi wasalam and the unison of Islam, they came together as one. finally after long years of fighting, they found peace.

The Jews who were the new group of people who has been waiting for the jewel: Prophet Muhammad sallahu alaihi wasalam could not accept that this is the prophet that they have been waiting for. What? An Arab? How lowly!

This is now a problem because the Aws and Khazraj are not fighting anymore. They are united and strong and could eventually be stronger that them.

Then the jew plotted again. A man called Shas bin Qais an elderly of the Jews sent out his propaganda machinery. The media of the yesteryears. He sent out a young poet to sit among the arabs. To recite to them of the days of battle. To spark their memory by narrating scenes of their past conflicts and hostility and hatred among them. He recited to them verses that they used to compose satirising each other.

Slowly and surely the Aws and Khazraj remembered and hatred began to sow in their eyes. Past revenge has not been paid. Blood must shed! War must go on!

Little did they think, that this is a plot that when they began fighting again, the jews will enjoy their place and their expense and ensuring Islam dies together with the war.

Prophet sallahu alaihi wasalam rebuked them,
"O Muslims! By Allah! Have you entered the state of ignorance while I am still among you, after Allah guided you to Islam, honoured you with it, by it He cuts the fetters of ignorance from your necks, and delivered you from disbelief and united your hearts?"

The Aws and Khazraj immediately realised they mistake and embraced each other and was sorry that they had allow shaytan to control their mind. They become more united and stronger after.

We, on the other had, has regressed and deep in the abyss of disunity. We have the jews controlling the Shams area inciting fights and most like trying best to make sure the different gorups of Palestinians not to unite. The Muslim world are so divided that it is easy to slaughter whomever they wished. The have chiefs who love the dunya and support those who kill their own brothers.

We can't tell truth from false with media. Sure we hate the wests that are continously destroying the muslims, but we also hate each other.

We have swallowed in all the propaganda that we can't tell who is right and wrong anymore.

While the one trying to be closer to Allah disunite because of differences, the others are becoming agnostic and hate anything Islam by the day. While some are trying to spread the truth, others destroyed it by making fool of the religion.

Meanwhile we watch the onslaught of the Muslims. Honour has left us.

Hasbinallahu wa ni'mal wakeel.

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