Thursday, December 26, 2013

About LOL and Such

I think I shall embrace certain mishaps concerning the internet and have found certain things quite funny will be likely be a sweet memory.

In one of the whatsapp group I'm in, one of the ladies was upset with me. She was upset because I keep using the word "LOL". She thought I was calling her some names. Short form of "toLOL" or perhaps "bahLOL"? Oh dear.

I have explained it to her and she is ok after that. No more merajuk and kecik hati. Alhamdulillah she confronted me because otherwise who is to know that she is merajukking. And now she is an expert of the word "LOL".

Perhaps now I should upgrade her to "ROFL" and no I will not teach her "LMAO"!


Runiza said...

Oh dear... and I thought LOL is so common nowadays.. :D

Mrs Juan said...


How are you Lollies?????