Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Among the things that I love chatting with Haziq is about the time he spends in the masjid reciting to his sheikhs. His blue-eyed sheikh is really Masya Allah. I've blogged about him once but since I am on my Ipad, I can't figure out how to link the post.

Updated : This is the link. THE WISE and THE PATIENT

Haziq would say, when he got to the masjid, greet his teachers and all, he would then show his sheikh which page does he intend to read. The sheikh would take a look, close the mushaf and ask Haziq to recite and intermittently Haziq will make mistakes and blue-eyed sheikh would coreect him without the need to refer to the mushaf at all. Masya Allah.

Sometimes, blue-eyed sheikh gets a little tired. He would doze off while Haziq is still reading. But when Haziq make mistakes, he would raise his head and correct them. Haziq did deliberately make mistakes and lo and behold (to test his theory), blue-eyed sheikh will correct them. Masya Allah.

At other times, blue-eyed sheikh would read his own pages while listening to Haziq and perhaps three other boys reading. And he can still correct each of them when they make mistakes. Super masya Allah!

On a similar note but totally different standard, my teacher is trying to train my class to become Quran teachers ourselves (please pray for me ikhlas). Part of the training is, we have to listen to each other reading. Identify the memorisation mistakes and also tajweed, record them and correctly correct them. I would get flabbergasted with the recording while listening. First of all its difficult to identify their mistakes. The ladies in my class are already good in their reading. Occasionally they do make mistakes here and there but most of the time, i need to really listen to them and still not find any.

To top this, i usually get very sleepy when I listen to them. You'll find me dozing off only waking up when they have probably finished. Needless to say, I didn't find any mistakes in their reading. :P

May Allah bless all quran teachers around the world.


dills said...

waahhh...meh dengar i baca nak?? i can guarantee tu sure tak kan terlelap. err tp kenapa la otak i ni bila baca pasal mata biru dok pk hemsem je..

Lollies said...

heh heh. he is old. like really old. that might take away some of your false imagination. :P