Monday, July 25, 2005


My friends and I at the modblog are running up a charity blogathon. It shall be on the 6th August. Starting at 2100 hours for 24 hours.

So the deal is we will blog for 24 hours at every half an hour interval, in return for donations. The Malaysian modblogger will need some charitable philantrophist to support this noble cause. All donations will be channeled to Aceh Relief Fund.

So if we can get more sponsors, Insya Allah we can give more to this fund. Sponsors will pledge the amount they want and once the blogathon is announced successful, hopefully the sponsors will honour their pledges and the money will be donated to the fund of the blog's choice. And in this case our choice are Aceh Relief Fund.

Here is an excerpt of the email from En. Mazlan Kamis, President and Executive DirectorARF


Thank you for your interest in wanting to support ARF activities in Aceh.

We have been helping school children through various activities (you can viewed them on our website:

Our biggest move to help children in Aceh is via our forthcoming project; i.e operating mobile libraries in Banda Aceh. The libraries will visit orphanages, shelters, and villagers in Banda Aceh. The mobile libraries will also act as mobile learning centers. Children can borrow books and also participate in learning activities (story telling, coloring, tutoring etc ) offered by the libraries. We are now raising funds to buy two vans, books, employ driver/educator and manage the libraries for about two years. Your donation can be channelled towards these purposes.

ARF is working with the Yayasan Masyarakat IQRA (IQRA) to operate the libraries. IQRA is also working with a Jakarta based organization, 1001buku, to collect donated books throughout Indonesia. My experience working in Aceh inform me that this is one area that receive little attention from big relief organization. Being a small organization, we prefer to focus on something that we can manage.

One question: How do you come to know about the ARF?
Best of luck. Pls do update me with your blogathon progress.


So since this is he only thing I can do i.e. blogging, may it be crappy, but if I can give something the community..why not?

So my friends..would you like to support us? Please be our sponsor and donate to Aceh Relief Fund.

To be a sponsor click SPONSOR PLEDGE

Otherwise you can always cheer us up during the blogathon session at Malaysian modblogger on the 6th August, Saturday 2005 starting 2100 hours Malaysian time. It's Akademi Fantasia Final us anytime after that also can. Sapelah aku di compare dengan World tu. The trick is also, if we miss the half hour dateline on updating, the blog will be kicked out. Considered foul.

At the moment my blogging time will be on 0600-0900 on the 7th. I will keep this post updated for changes.


Anonymous said...

atu modblogger jer ker? bloggerronnie cam aku nih?

Anonymous said...

ko nak join buat entry ke.. aku boleh tolong settlekan.

tak pun ko boleh tolong aku jadi sponsor

superunknown said...

err.. gud luck mummy!

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