Saturday, July 09, 2005


I haven't been wirting about my Greentoe hobby for a long time. That is due to the fact, ladies and gentlemen, that I haven't been doing anything much with it. I haven;t purchase anything to add to my plant collection.

Do you remember my old post when my plants died quite sometime ago. Well read Memoir of my Greens and Sign of Hope.Since then, there are no new collections of plant purchased due to lack of fund.Anyone care to sponsor me some plants for me? I'll promise I'll take good care of them.

Anyway, some of my plants did recuperate. Amazing really. Look at the before and after picture.

With tender, loving care, grow it did.

Well, I didn't take the same angle. But trust me, it did survive. So that's good ain't it?

Also I had this fern, which also survived. I guess it must have spread spora and also at the same time attracting other fern's spora, because not only now am I breeding baby fern, I am also attracting other different type of ferns. They are quite pretty, really.

It's growing near each other and actually causing a mess. So I decided to get myself some pots and rearrange them. I have never seen some of the species in the nursery either. They are quite nice.

This is the baby of the original fern.

An even newer one. I'll let it grow first until I get an idea what pot would suit it best.

Left picture : New fern in the jug pot. Right picture:I really like this one. It deserves a bigger pot. At the moment alone. Elegant green.

I really like the greens. You would find me sitting outside staring at nothing in particular on the grass. They calm me down. And believe me friends I need that.

I am also starting a new project at my backyard. The grass is growing quite nicely. I plan to make a herb garden there. There's nothing much there yet, just lemon grass, both the normal one and the wangi one. And both have served their purpose.

Here are some baby plants, I just sowed. Chillies and tomatoes. Creeping on the fence are beans.

And surprise, surprise, on of the plants Bunga Ati-ati, which I paid not much attention to, is blooming little red flowers.

You know, they say the grass is always greener on the other side. But psssttt, you know my rightdoor neighbour, Mrs. *, well suffice to say, this time the parable is not in my case. The grass is greener on my side. He he.

I guess, there are reasons to be happy.


aie comot makan kek said...

you've got green fingers alright? are you sure you're not an elf?

Being1 said...

mummy mmg got tidy hand la.. amik gambo.. gardening.. name it, seme leh jadik even tak pay much attention.
the instinctive within ur inner self i guess.

lopaktike said...

Hey, I love greens too...asyik mintak pokok bunga baru ngan MIL je! Anyway, we have the same fern.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

i used to have very very green fingers. then the color faded and my greens at home are dying out on me. rose bush is all dried up, the fern is all dried up, the mini pineapple plant also kiok ... yg hidup dgn lajunya pokok bunga kertas!

i will go for the zen look lepas ni.

lollies said...

aie - aku rasa aku hulk.

wan - eh tak adalah pandai aje awak ni tau. Auuu!

lopak-bestkan sejuk mata memandang.

babe-I rasa dia mintak you cakap dengan diaorang banyak sikit. Mana tau tempias air liur pun boleh buat siram pokok.

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