Thursday, July 14, 2005

Haziq is Seven

Haziq is my first. He is the first to a new life for me. I learned a lot of firsts of my motherhood life from him. Conceiving him and having him as a baby, and now a joyful little big boy, has taught me tremendous.

Indeed, all I read and all I think I know about having, a baby, never did prepare me fully of actually having one. There is indeed a difference of knowing it and walking through it.

No book can tell you the changes that you will experience. They'll tell you about possible weight gain, probable stretch mark, some might suffer from varicoise veins, water retention. That you can read. That you can swallow.

But that will not prepare you the emotional changes in you. The changes in the heart. The engulfing of love you feel when you set your eyes on that ugly wrinkly baby. The slice in your heart when you see someone else's baby who is suffering or the need to rach out for the mother who lost her baby. It's different before I actually had a baby. Indescribable.

I call this rahmah. Blessing or mercy from God. really Allah's rahmah that he bestowed to us is just a tip of the iceberg. And this very same rahmah blessed the ferocious lioness to love her cubs and not eat them. For those who have no empathy for children and the innocent people to the extent of bombing them..perhaps, they are not blessed with God's rahmah. Pray for them.

Haziq was suppose to come out on the 10th July. I waited anxiously for 10th July.

I walked and walked with this big potruding tummy. Oh dear! He is overdued.

Well to cut the story short, Haziq did come out on the 14th July 1998 at 7:06 p.m. I didn't know how to push. Doctor said push like as if you are passing motion, the biggest one. I was confused and dazed. Perhaps due to the morphine that I sniffed..they call it oxygen

Haziq was vaccumed out. Big Ouch! The epsiotomy was awful.

A vacummed baby, has this funny little head. Slightly elongated. Almost oblong. And Haziq, infact all my children, has this distinct pouty upper lip. I was looking at Haziq..and I thought he looked like a bird..with the head and the lips. And I wondered, if I pat his head often, would his head go flat like Frankestein.

Oh well, now look at him. He is a very happy boy. Naughty but yet sensitive. He is a Cancer boy, and they say a Cancer boy is always a mummy's boy. And he is very much. He has so much compassion in him. He is never jealous with his siblings and doesn't demand much. He shares all our love and his love with his brother and sister.

Happy seventh Haziq. Enjoy your life as much as I have enjoyed you.

Haziq and his father. He is three months old. Haziq I mean, not the father


aie said...

now..i guess he got the pouty lips la kan..


HAPPY BIRTHDAY a good boy ok?

lynnette said...

Happy birthday dear Haziq. Soryy aunty Lynn lopa that you share the same birthday with aunty Ina. Moga menjadi anak yang soleh, berjaya dunia akhirat and will give your lovely parents what is due to them from you.

lollies said...

aku sebenarnya Angelina Lolie,

Lyn - Amin

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

hahaha lolls, like the bit on angelina lolie (more like lalok la kot ek).

happy birthday hensem!!!

very very nice pix. sorta nostalgic.

Being1 said...

selamat hari jadi haziq.

be mummy's sweetheart always.

lollies said...

leen - yang ni I pakai Minolta SLR . Lama dah tak pakai. Malas nak cuci filem

wan - thanks wan

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

ahem - ni bukan leen, ni babe. leen and babe are two different entities. babe is the brainless idiot, leen is the one with brains and brawn.

Lollies said...

eh sorilah babe..tersalah tulis daaa..

shidah said...

Classy picture! And a very nice post. Happy birthday Haziq.

Sunflora said...

Beautiful picture! Ahh nice to hear that you're a Minolta fan!

Happy birthday Haziq!

atiza said...

aku tengah gatal tangan..ajar aku pasai aperture skit..laki aku sombong taknak ajar..

lollies said...

thanks shidah.

sunflower - sebenarnya now I dah berkenan dengan Nikon. tapi tak ada SLR for it.


Leen Ash Burn said...

Happiest (Belated) Birthday to Haziq! :)

atn said...

cantiknya gambar.

Anonymous said...

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