Thursday, November 10, 2005

Read Out Loud!

Now, now we all know that one of the best ways to spend quality time with your children is to read to them. Be it read to them, with them, listen to them read or seemingly reading or even you read alone, whatever. Reading is an activity worth to take up, anytime!

Reading is like killing many birds with one stone. You are encouraging early literacy, you get to spend time with them, bonding with them, you get to make them sit, they get to cuddle up with you and many other activities that can come out of reading activities.

It is also probably the easiest. I mean, you may not be able to

paint or draw or do paper mache because it end up being messy. Not to mention they would want to squeeze colour or glue as much as they can. they want to use scissors.

mould play dough. The only most creative thing that you can make out of play dough is a worm or a thin snake.

Too lazy to solve jigsaw puzzle

Gardening is messy

And you have put up the Barney VCD way too long now and is feeling dead guilty already.

So go on, read to your child.

But then the experts say, don't just read, but talk to them. Oh yes! Put life to your reading! Bring out the pictures and the words.

Oh! Look! Fingers! Let's count your fingers. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and TEN!. Tickle! Tickle your tummy. Tickle your ears. Stick your finger into your nose! See! Subconciously they learn anatomies and numbers.

Big, red Ball Open arms wide for big
Small, blue ballMake small gesture to indicate small.
Thus they learn colours and sizes.

And and and..make reading fun. Let's add some singing. See they smile. And when they laugh with sparkling eyes, you know you got them. You know they are enjoying it. Even when litlle JackJack is clueless to the rhyming, singing is always fun.

And when they ask you to repeat, you know it's working.

Then they ask again. Shove the book for you to read and sing.

And you sing, yet again

And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..
And again..

Under an un-controlled situation, the iteration will not converge. Thus the loop will repeat until Ibu faints..

Hello! I am a HAIRY SCARY BEAR (insert big scary voice). Listen to me GROWL. GRRRRRRR


Leen Ash Burn said...

Heh, i used to read aloud masa std 6/form 1 sebab i gagap bila i speaka inggeris. i dunch knoe why.

now i'm no better. perhaps my mom (or dad) shudda read to me using exciting voices when i was young hehehe.

Lollies said...

another pointer here..make the kid read out loud eh?

CikNi said...

hg ni mmg ibu mithali lah lollies- aku ni kalau ajak anak tengok TV/movies aku terror lah

atiza said...

aku terror part saying 'no!' aje..

tj said...

you're good mom.

Kitaowang, kalu udah nak masuk enam dah nih, numbor 5 tuu pun suwoh kakak2 abang2 die jer ajor. Read it OUT LOUD.

bapak ngan mak diaorang udah tarak zeal lagi laa.

Lollies said...

ha ha ha cik ni - aku pun sama

aie - don't we all

TJ - ni jokontan ke? Dah nak masuk enam? Masya Allah. Bagus tu.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

reading is no good. the kids will keep interrupting you and they can never have long attention span to read the whole page.

might as well let them do painting. lagi senang.

Lollies said...

painting buat siang aje..itupun selalu buat kat lawn belakang rumah. tak kotor rumah aku. malam aje baca. jack2 tak kacau tapi asyik suruh aku ulang aje. letihlah aku

Anonymous said...

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