Sunday, May 29, 2005


As if the last entry was not enough, now you would have to bear more of Lollies' anger. Unfortunately, it is about the bitch next door again.

The other day, she charged into my home like a typical pig that she is. She banged my door furiously as though someone is dying desperate to give birth to a humungus child. Except, it was not anything as noble as that. Not with her!

The thing us, she thought no one was at my house that day. She thought my helper was alone with my children. My car was not there. Neither was my lover's. And banged as she might, she did.

She didn't know that my parents were there, though. My dad parked his car elsewhere.

My mum opened the door. Surprised she was.

Lu mau apa ketuk-ketuk rumah orang macam ni?

Eh! Wa mau cakap sama itu olang gaji.

Dia kerja. Lu pi balik!!.

My dad who was upstairs heard the commotion and went down.

Apa lu mau?!!

Errrr...tak ada saya mau cakap sama itu olang gaji ahhh..dia sudah silam itu pokok ahhh kasik basak sama saya punya cupboard lorrrr..nanti losak woo. Saya bukan malah keleta saya basah..tapi itu cupboard kayu losak wo.

Semalam lu sudah marah sama dia, jerit-jerit, semua orang tengok sekarang lu datang sini mau marah lagi?

Errr saya talak malah. Saya cakap saja.

Cakap!! Ini macam datang cakap ka? Kalau lu mau cakap, lu tunggu anak gua balik, lu cakap sama dia. Apa pasal lu tak tunggu dia balik. Lu mau marah sama itu orang gaji ya? Lu ingat tak ada orang sini ya? Lu tak boleh masuk sini. Lain kali picit loceng. Sekarang lu keluar!

She left. Apparently not happy.

Unfortunately, my helper was never left alone each time she is doing work outside. Why, just yesterday she was minding her business at the back of my house, she got a stare from the Bitch!

This morning, while washing the car, another stare!

What is her problem???? Not enough fucking from her ConstLuction expert husband or what?? She is that kind of people who feels the need to be in power but you see, she has none. She only has her kids that she can boss with and her helper that she can practice dictatorship on. She has little respect for people. Knowing that my helper is a helpless being, afraid and is afterall, a helper..she took advantage. She is trying to play mental with her.

And I don't like that! I don't like her doing that to my helper at any time.

She can't intimidate me, though. I know she tried, first with her renovation and then it was her plant that she wanted to plant on a shared compound..and many more, but I said no! I also mouthed FUCK YOU to myself.

Now she thinks she has a new toy to play with. My helper!!!!

I so feel like going to her house and give her a piece of my mind, really. But I don't want her to be my teacher. I am not going to reciprocate her and become a pig too. One pig in the neighbourhood is enough, thank you.

My helper looks sad today. Her eyes are all puffy. I don't even have any word of kindness with her. I am not good at handling emotions. I am just not that kind of person. Good soothing words do not come from me. I work better when I'm in rage. My system responds well to me in that mode. The way I handle emotion is by being quiet.

But Yati, my helper, has no friends here. I feel for her. She is like a young child really. I know she felt terribly alone and upset.

I think, that she feels that she has angered me and dissappointed me. All this while she worked hard, presumably to please me. And this Bitch spoils it all.

Instead I told her, beef up woman. Be strong. Don't allow her to win at her game. When she stare, you sing and be happy. Don't let her know that you sad or scared. No! Show otherwise, let's see how that'll drive her crazy.

I think Yati is now incredibly confuse.

I ask her, would you like to call Indonesia today. And she said yes, her eyes still sad.

I dialled for her, but no one was home. Oh! Her frustrated look. She almost cried in front of me. I said we'll try again later. Please, please don't cry in front of me. I wouldn't know what to do.

Tommorrow, Yati must lock the gates. Yes, she must.


Anonymous said...

keep urself together sis, ur emotions n everything. let ur neighbour make all the mistake. if she cross the line again, u shud consider restraining order, the police etc. i tot barging were meant for authorities and maybe dogs n yes pig. she's being a pig, then let her, still there's limitations to wat she can do. n yes, locking the gate is one of those.

u stay human as much as u possibly can. on yati, she'll be immunize sooner or later. just keep supportin her like ure doin now, she gonna end up ok. i felt for u sis, ive been on this road before, for several years quarelling wif fucked up neighbours. they always do the attacking, i just stick wif defense. the best defense, surely is the best offence. u have the heart to win this 'battle'.

atiza said... want me to find thugs for you? I can try and find them kat Kg Kayu Ara..Kalau hit to kill, RM50 jer

Leen AshBurn said...

RM50 je? Dang that's cheap, the ones I heard kat Pandan goes up to RM1k hehe.

Anonymous said...

korang are just the best to cheer me up..

tiza-tu ko punya bisnis baru ke? aku anto lover aku punya cv boleh?

shidah said...

good maids are rare. so does bad neighbour. appreciate both - at least your maid will bersyukur having u as her boss bila dia compare ngan jiran sebelah tu...

atiza said...

leen, we should do lunch ;)

lollies: aku boleh do up you lover's CV. at the same price, RM50 gak ;)

Sunfloraa said...

A good strong fence apparently nmake good neighbours.

Wahhh between Rm50 - RM1K to get good thug huh! Leh gerenti tak? To just pukul but jgn sampai mati but then jgn sampai kene tangkap police. Heheheh

Hang in there Lollies dear and yes please do lunch with Leen and send me a report if she's behaving or not ;)

CN said...

mmg org tuh dh tahap psycho tuh..harus di hantar ke hospital sakit jiwa

Anonymous said...

shidah - aku pun ada cakap kat si Yati tu...bayangkan kamu kerja dengan orang macam tu. Agggh enggak mahu Ibuk. Yes begitulah saiko aku kat Yati pulak. Aku took advantage of the situation. I am an opportunist.

atiza- aku anto CV nak jadi tukang pukul orang daa..

sunflora- bila u nak update blog u ni?

CN-laki dia selalu tak ada rumah...ada mistress la tu. Patutla dia sewel.

hana_kirana said...

Gila punya olang.

Kesian kat Yati...

Anonymous said...

aku pun dah gila

dudae_simboyo said...


bad neigbours are a curse. about the only good thing i could say about bad neighbours is that they are not restricted to any particular race.


Anonymous said...

hi are right about that one. I hope I don't sound otherwise. Like I said earlier my neighbours are 2/3 non malays and they are really great. This one, born in any race is just rotten to the core and bring shame to the whole community.

Anonymous said...

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