Saturday, February 04, 2006

Breakfast Ideas?

We had breakfast pot luck at the club house in my compound. This is because we think it is the best way to warm up to a new Malaysian family in this compound. Anyone new to this compound means they just came from their respective countries.

So I cooked my only life long specialty, murtabak telur.Anyway it's a success. Twinned with my homemade chilly sauce, I think it's a great success in my standard. Remember I am new to this Domestic Goddess job scope, so the standard is, at the moment, quite moderate.

Apparently this breakfast potluck will be held on weekly basis! Every Friday! Oh dear! Oh dear! The seniors have organized fardhu ain class for the kids. At the moment it is held in the Malaysian Embassy which is far from everybody's house. Considering no one can afford houses within the area, which the rent is QAR30,000, and thus no one stay near there, so not many can make it. The new comers are mostly carless (like me). So they thought of doing the classes at the club house in this compound. And what better way to spend time among the parents, while the kids are learning, than to play fuzz ball, ping pong and eat and eat for the rest of us.

So breakfast potluck every week from then on.

Gee, I am so not good at this and I need ideas on what to do every week. I have come up with a list from the top of my head of things that I can do with the limited ingredients that I can find here. Please do not suggest karipap and the Malay kueh ..I really do not know how to make them.

So here is my humble list


- Jemput-jemput ikan bilis with chillies of course dipped in my homemade sauce
- Jemput-jemput udang with chillies of course dipped in my homemade sauce
- Jemput-jemput udang with chillies and beansprout dipped in my homemade sauce
- Jemput-jemput udang with chillies and beansprout dipped in my peanut sauce

- Jemput-jemput pisang

- Goreng pisang

Sweet stuff

- Pancake with maple syrup
- Bread pudding with custard sauce
- Apple crumble with custard sauce


- Ubi rebus with sweet dessicated coconut (Yay! I made it today! Hilang kempunan.)
- Ubi rebus with sambal ikan bilis
- Sausages and baked beans and buttered sautéed button mushroom and scramble egg (my lover said this won't be popular)
- Sardine roll (bertique I want to see your recipe. Mine is always soggy)

The typical ones..mostly will be made by the seniors (yang lebih terer)

- Fried noodles
- Fried rice
- Coconut rice

I need help! Ideas please..

Even though I am now in Arab country, implying an Islamic country, but our children enroll in International School. Most schools do not teach Islamic knowledge, but Haziq's school does teach Quran and Arabic. Many other schools do not. Of course there are one or two schools that are Islamic in nature but for certain reason or two, I did not send Haziq there.

Anyway this is a cause for concern among us and we (when I said we, it's not really me. The credit all go to the pakcik and kakak yang prihatin) took advantage of the Ustaz Indonesia here.

Thus the Fardhu Ain class.

And thus the breakfast pot luck.

The adult classes are usually held at night in case you are wondering, at certain mosques.


Captain Barbell said...

jemput jemput letak cheese pernah try?... sedap gak :)

Lollies said...

ya ka? I tak pernah try langsung. cheese apa yang sesuai? kena cuba try kat rumah dulu ni

maklang said...

Why not try:
-Jemput2 sotong letak kentang
-Tuna sandwich
-Sausage/ burger goreng ngan kentang with mixed vegetable
-Roti sardin gulung celup telor
-Roti telur ( frech toast)
- Nasi goreng
- Fresh salad with thousand island

Ini yang maklang selalu prepare for the kids breakfast. Kenkadang tu kering idea gak. Kalau nak resipi no blem.

Lagi satu, nasi goreng tanak. Yang ni sedap tapi agak heavy sikit.

Lollies said...

tu lah saya ada tulis sardine roll tapi rasanya kena tolak kot sebab sardin kat sini ueekkk tak best. letak lemon pun tak best. kena sardin cap ayam gak. saya ada list sausage dengan button mushroom and baked beans and scramble egg. ok kan tu?

nasi goreng tanak tu apa eh?

jemput2 sotong letak kentang? wow tak pernah cuba try tu

maklang said...

Jemput sotong letak kentang cube ni sedap must try. Bahan sama mcm jemput ikan bilis tapi cubekan the kentang and letak sotong. Letak lada blend and kunyit sikit. Seeedaaap....

Nasi goreng tanak nanti maklang letak resepi kat dalam my blog.

JoKontan said...

Loll, Lets brainstorm :

Roti bakar with Kaya. Bakar with arang. Baguette with Tomato Sauce and cheese (smallpizza). Jerok Kedondong. Roti canai with Kari. Roti Jala ?. Solok. Nasi Dage with acar. Oven baked Ayam with teriyaki sauce. Cream Peas Soup. Myriads of Soups. Ubi senkuang potong with Tauhu paste. Tauhu sumbat. Pai Tee (tophat) with Rojak sauce. Pasembur. Rojak Petis. Buah with Colek ..

EH ? Mana dapat ubi kayu ?

LazyDaisy said...

sis lollies

i takde idea nak bagi u recipes cause i am not really a good cook myself..heheh bule la yg simple-simple lasagne nak ? kalau u nak recipe lasagne i bule bagi, buat la pasta bake ke, spagetti bolognese ke

anyway this website is so cool u must check it out. better to subscribe to their mailing list.hope it helps to inspired u :)

Sila lawati laman mailing list Resipi.Net di Yahoo atau ke laman rasmi Resipi.Net di untuk mendapatkan himpunan resipi yang telah disiarkan.

Untuk menjadi ahli di Resipi.Net, hantarkan email kosong ke

anne said...

hey lollies, just dropping by to say hi. Nampaknye you're settling in well in Doha, and with your newly crowned role as Domestic Goddess...

hope you still ingat i. i kat office ni buat proposal untuk client (guess what ...kat Doha!!) I'm so praying they would send someone else for the project. 45 days in Bahrain cukup lah..boring tahap gaban....

take care.....

p/s - try different kind of fillings in ready made pita bread. Just half it and stuff with tuna or sardines or inti karipap kinda potatoes...

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

isk .. boring la blog mu. asyik cerita makan dan masak aje.

mentang-mentangla dah jadi The Goddess ... hahaha

Lollies said...

maklang - saya akan check out mak lang punya blog

jokontan - jeruk kedondong? ayoyo..ha ha ha where to get the kedondonglah. Ya saya terlupa pasal roti canai. yang tu boleh buat. Dough dia sama dengan dough murtabak. Nope no tauhu here. None at all. Saya pun cadang nak buat pizza kecik-keik tu and garlic bread. Yippee thanks.

lazydaisy - waaa thanks for the link. will check it out.

anne - please don't believe this blog. I am boring tahap gaban. Can I stand this domestic goddess role..I don't know. Tapi takkanlah I nak duduk sorang2 tak campur orang. Kenalah campur kakak2 yang baik kat sini. Aduss baik sungguh mereka.

babe - dah itu ajele kerja aku. Masak-masak dan makan. Tapi Goddess ada gak cita lain yang tak boleh ditulis disini.

Anonymous said...

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