Tuesday, February 21, 2006


We have been without a car ever since we got here, which is 2 months and 9 days today. Among the reasons why we have no car just yet are first of all my lover has no RP. RP for an expatriate is almost equivalent to life. So we can't buy a car. But that is another story, we do not possess a Q@tari driving license. This is must for you to drive here. If you come from the States and probably from UK and Europe, your driving license can be converted immediately. Even if you come from Sing@pore, the country where not many people can drive cars, your license can be immediately converted to a Q@tari license. Unfortunately being the head of OIC and good relations with the Middle East countries do not give Malaysians the privilege to just convert our licenses. (I will blog about driving tests and licenses later.)

What make me feel like banging my head on the wall is we forgot to make an International Driving License before we came here. Bangs head on wall. Bangs head on wall. International driving license can be used for up to six months here. If we have it we could at least rent a car. But fate has it, we didn't bring it over. However we did send our licenses back to my father in law, for him to make the licenses on behalf of us.

We were luck though. The first few weeks we were here, we had Mr. Drive Fast and his wife Ms. Fashion Designer, who drove us around. They helped us buy our basic stuff, pots and pans, dining sets, basic groceries, basic electrical items and all that. They were also the ones who took us to the Embassy and people's open houses. We were ever grateful for their thoughtful help.

Later we took the taxi mostly. Taxis are not very efficient here. We only go to a major shopping complex because it will be easier for us to go back home, since there would be many taxis. Once we had to go to a place out of the shopping complex way to buy Haziq's school uniform. We waited for a taxi to go back home for hours. In the cold, dusty wind with three little children, it is such a drag. I probably wouldn't' mind as much if I were alone or just the two of us. Then came an illegal taxi which my lover didn't want to get in. The second one came, my lover still refused. When the third one came, I said I don't care anymore!

Just last week, we called the taxi to go out. For two days in a row, no taxi came at all. We waited for two hours!

There is also the bus service, which I have not tried. I am eager to try that one. Perhaps this weekend.

But then, read this people.

Yesterday we got our International Driving License. Yippeeee!

We are now proud renter of a Honda Civic.

But that's not all.

My lover also has got his RP!



Anonymous said...

wakakakaka.. raya sakan ler bejalan jalan yer.. err jgn masuk salah lane cukup ler.. hehe

Jo Kontan said...

Congratulation to ur lover for getting his almost equivalent to life

Got JJCM kar ?

Anonymous said...

..err bila nak amik full license daa ? :) ..weh kalau jompa tpt mkn best best kasitau.. wakakkakak..

Jill Yusoff said...

oh adventure days are here, shopping days are here

Lollies said...

azer - babe wa ada formula untuk tidak buat gitu plus I dah drive dah masa tak ada lesen hari tu and I am a natural. woo hoo

jokontan - ada. mau kebab ka

azer - nanti dululah. tunggu ada kereta

nekbat - you read me! you read me!

Sunfloraa said...

so are you planning to buy a car?

lion3ss said...

It's like getting your legs again huh?

Kissman said...

may be the Qatari JPJ knows how 'malaysia boleh' is our JPJ. Anyway, appreciate any historical background on Qatar.

Lollies said...

sf - ehem dalam proses ni ;-)

lion3ss - precisely

bucit - itulah dia as soon as i got a car, i will but if you are looking for histories like prophets and those stuff, sorrylah babe tak adalah. it's quite a young country. tapi boleh saya melawat whatevere, i will write.

anne said...

you went without international drvg license...he..he..he. i should have warned you. and tell me about the taxi service. When I was there I called a taxi to come about 6.30/7 coz nak pergi airport. Adeke dia jawab, after 8 baru dia boleh datang. Ikut suke dia orang je. Anyway good luck driving on the wrong side.

Lollies said...

ha ha i have driven.like i said..i am a natural. heh heh kerek lebih

Anonymous said...

oh seronok nya lollies macam orang baru lepas periksa memandu!

berhati-hati driving tu ok

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! » »

Anonymous said...

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