Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am here, she is there

I am here

and she is there

I am here

And she is there

I am here

And she is there

My mother is there

Fighting for her life

I am here

Not even sure whether she is even fighting

I am here

Waiting for the bureaucracies

I am still here

Waiting for my passports

She is there

Am not sure whether she will wait

I am here

Feeling helpless

Oh Ibu
Dapat kiranya aku kucup pipimu
Aku ingin cium kakimu ibu
Aku ingin mintak ampun ibu
Tunggu anakmu ibu
Anakmu akan kembali

Ya Allah permudahkanlah perjalananku ini
Aku serahkan kepadaMu apa yang terbaik untuk ibuku
Sesungguhnya aku redha


anne said...

What happened? Your mum is not well? If so, i hope she'll get well soon...and everything goes your way. Hang in there, lollies. Insyaallah!

Lollies said...

my mum is in the hospital anne. on the machine. She is not concious. pray the best for her, whatever Allah wills.

ni gonchaq said...

sejak bila tu lollies? r u coming back?

semoga ibu lollies cepat sembuh dan sihat, Amin.

Lollies said...

Sejak semalam. I want to come back. tapi banyak red tape.

my visa is single entry.
my passport and the kids passport are not with us.
still with the immigration.
they are processing our RPs
we insisted on taking it back, but if we do we won be able to come back very soon. It is very likely the many months like when it took 6 months for our visa to come here in the first place. or even worst, we might not be allowed to exit the country pun.
The earliest I can get back my passport is this sunday.
It just might be too late.

lion3ss said...

Lollies : My prayers are with you and your family. Insya Allah akan dipermudahkan keadaan, and hope you'll get to see your mom soon.


Anonymous said...

Lollies, I Do here.

Just read your entry. We will doakan for your mom and strength for you and your family members. Be strong, Allah SWT knows best.

Take care. I Do.

p/s Can't the Malaysian Embassy help to expediate things?

ni gonchaq said...

lollies, please don't say "too late" but pray for your mum

semoga Allah makbulkan doa lollies

JoKontan said...

We all pray for you. Take Care.

maklang said...

InsyaAllah semuanya akan selamat. Take care....