Sunday, February 12, 2006


One of the important books to read when you got here is the Marhaba book. It has all information for newcomers from the where to go and what to see and what to shop to list of schools and information on petroleum and gas industry in world in general and in Qtar specifically.

From the book I gather that marhaba in Arabic means hello or greetings of welcome of sort. After a while here and also after watching TV with Arabic subtitle, I can see when the word is used correctly and also the way it is spelt in Arabic font. (Why is it that I still look at the subtitle even though I know bloody well that I can't read Arabic?) .

I also am forced to watch some cartoons which are in Arabic but with English subtitle. Now this is a good way to listen to how the word is pronounced.

The word is spelt مرحبا with a dua baris atas at the با. . Sometimes I dengar orang sebut marhaba tapi most of the time dia sebut marhaban. Memanglah sebutannya marhaban. Cuma kalau kita baca Quran pun dan bila kita nak wakafkan با yang ada dua baris atas tu kita akan sebutnya sebagai ba dengan bacaan dua harakat.

Tapi biasalah saya dengar dia orang sebut marhaban. Thus marhaban means hello.

Then a thought crossed my mind. Is this marhaban yang means hello ni is the same marhaban yang kat Malaysia I know orang buat kenduri ada selawat and that melodious puji-pujian kepada nabi tu?

Hmm if it is, I cannot see the context of the meaning in that majlis. Does it mean welcome or good greetings? Why is it call marhaban?

Do you know?


Tj said...

I don't know.

But I Always put Merhaba as a Greeting, to all of my emails for Turkish colleagues. Plus, telephone calls too.

They love it !

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maklang said...

Marhaban tu is some sort of Selamat Datang- Welcome. kalau gi kedai2 kat Mekah they will say Marhaban.

~ahni~ said...

Dulu masa kat kpg (ni mulalah nak cerita betapa peghak dan jakun nya aku sebagai org kpg) memang tak pernah dengar @ tak tahu apekebende 'marhaban' tu. Last year pun masa my mum pergi ke mana entah ada marhaban dan dia asyik cerita bagusnya buat macam tu, maybe better kalau kat kpg pun ada majlis buat marhaban..etc etc etc

See, we are so peghak and can not answer your question lah Lollies. May be somebody should blog about 'what is marhaban in malaysia vs marhaba in qatar'

(apa lah yang aku dok merepek kat blog orang nih.....)

Lollies said...

I think I know now..marhaban is actually greetings by the madinah people to Prophet Muhammad's entourage berhijrah dari Makkah ke Madinah. Thus it means greeting. Majlis yang buat kat Malaysia tu sedang reciting the same song they sang masa 1427 years ago.

marhaba and marhaban means the same thing cik ni. Whether nak sebuat dua baris atas ke tidak aje. they are the same word

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