Monday, February 27, 2006

My Mum's friends

My mum's friend, our next door neighbour went to visit my mum yesterday. She also told my dad that her Yassin group ladies wanted to recite Yassin at my house tonight.

Imagine this scene.

All heads turn to me very slowly. Face full of expectations. I am the lady of the house. So I must take over all the things that my mum does. At least if it is to be done in the house.

But I didn't take the responsibility solely. They somehow know that I am bad at this. So this lady said she will help me out.

So this eving a few of my mum's friends came, supposedly to help me preparing the food. Sebenarnya bukan dia tolong aku, aku yang tolong dia sikit-sikit. Trust me I didn't take any major role. I only siang togeh and sawi and take the dishes and cups out. Do a bit of washing. Easy roles. The ladies did everything else.

I certainly have never done it before. When I was young, I only help in picking up the food and serving and clearing them when they are done. Usually I took the opportunity to run out of the house for a while. *Hangs head in shame* Now no more running. I am the host.

I had to blink my tears many times when I recited Yassin then. Macam tak percaya aje majlis ni untuk dia. Usually it's for someone else.

When they are done, all of them came to wish me well. There were about 50 ladies. All of them shook my hand and hugged me. My god! Ada sikit rasa macam orang politik pulak. Semua hulur tangan ramai-ramai nak salam nak hug. Before that feeling came to mind, I felt like crying when I shook hands with the ladies I knew since young. My eyes warm and moist.

My mother's condition is still the same. But I think she is taking less volume of air when she breathe. Tomorrow, Tuesday is her 7th day in the coma. I don't know but at times when I talked to her, I felt like she is just sleeping and pop she will open up her eyes all teary eyed and tired from too much sleep.

I would be the happiest daughter if that were to happen. Even for a short while. Just so that I can talk to her.

Even for a short while.


Tj said...

Be strong Loll.

I dunno if it is even appropriate to say this, at this moment. Prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

We all pray for you.

anne said...

Lollies, i am so glad you made it back. Your posting before you left Qatar made me cry a little, i did leave a comment tak kluar plak.

Anyway, you be strong & pray hard...and be with her as much as you can...

take care.

lollies said...

tj - actually I am preparing for the worst but..well I was just hoping. according to the doctor theer is no real chance

anne - thank you anne. i appreciate it

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

*big hug lollies*

Kak Teh said...

lollies, after reading yr entries, I have now made my decision. I too will be heafing home to be with my mum soon. Mydoa, as always. and be strong.

bertique said...

sis, we plan to visit your family this weekend. may i know ur address, or sign to ur house please.

take care

lollies said...

thanks babe. i need it

kak teh - you coming home? that is good. I am sure your mum would be happy

bert - already discussed with bear tadi. call balik ok?

Nekbat said...

Some friends your mom has and I think you did good too.

Lollies said...

yeah. her neighbours mostly. I don't know most of them except the one very near to my house

Nazrah said...

lolls: u know i'd be on standby via YM if you need to talk.

lollies said...

thanks nazrah. I appreciate that.