Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not feeling good today

I don't feel so good today. I woke up with a slight headache, blocked nose, itchy eyes and ached muscle. Ahh how I wish I can still lie there in the comfort of the warm duvet. But today I have to go out. I have to go for the immigration requirements. Get myself X-rayed, draw blood (again), and get necessary document stamped and all that.

So I got up. I looked terrible. Bad hair day and all. I feel terrible.

Got home later. The comfort of the bed was very inviting. Oh! How tempted I was. But I have lunch to make, clothes to hang, floor to sweep and mopped. Seriously there is nothing sexy about being a domestic goddess when you are sick.

The dotted fish.

I thawed garuopa earlier. The menu is sweet and sour fish. So I clean the fish and looked at it. My head giddy and I thought man this fish looks hideous. It has dots and the eyes are big. It scared me. So I quickly smother it with beaten eggs and flour.

Ah! Better.

But look at my wok. I don't have wok big enough to put the fish. So I have to fry it bit by bit. I know I know I could have used more oil, but I don't like. It'll be a waste of oil and I don't really like reusing oil particularly when it is used to fry fish, and even worst if you fry it using egg and flour batter.

So there I went frying bits by bit making sure that the tail doesn't come off. No domestic goddess will serve their fish with tail accidentally cut off like that. We don't serve imperfect food. Presentation is everything for a domestic goddess. Regardless she has a throbbing head. Which was made worst today because her arms ache as well. The lady was not gentle when she draw my blood today. Now it is red and blue. PFFFtttttt!

Oh! Yesterday I found beansprouts in a can. I bought one before at the Indonesia shop here. I didn't know that they sell it in normal sundry shop or kedai mamak I called it. The taste, well oklah.

But but I didn't get the chance to curl in the duvet. My lover came back home and still manage to take a nap.

I think I need an MC tomorrow. Do you think there's a chance?


Anonymous said...

hehe, mc yer?

hope youre feeling better.

i also hate reusing oil (specially fishy oil)

Anonymous said...

only reuse 2x..else you body will store up excessive fat..and being a domestic goddess, i guess you want to spare the least fat possible..

i give you two days mc can or not?

Sunfloraa said...

Hehehehe depends who is issuing the MC ;)

Sedap tak fish dot dot tu.

maklang said...

Cian dia... Bawak berehat. Cik Abang selalu kata....Nak pakai lama?????

KakNi said...

so? doktor a.k.a the boss tu kasi MC tak?

bertique said...

hmmm .. mc ey??

slim, slim chance ;).

get well soon sis.

Lollies said...

pb - fishy oil smell fishy. heh heh

aie - hah! satu hari pun tak ada

SFF - sedap particularly buat sweet sour. fry biasa pun ok gak

mak lang - betul gak tu

betik - memang slim chance betul

Anonymous said...

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