Thursday, February 16, 2006

Oh What A Game

Yesterday Haziq was playing ball with Batrisyia outside the house. I was reading, "Reading Lolita in Tehran" and Jack was running about. Then came two Indian boys or Pakistanis, I don't know, I can't tell the difference. They probably are about Haziq's age or slightly older. Of course children hit off quite well. No introduction needed between them. They played football with Haziq or rather they played among themselves because they are good at dribbling. Haziq is still new to the game or he is also in the making of "kaki bangku" like his dad.

Then Sya got bored and a bit angry because obviously she can't get the ball at all. So I went inside to take another ball. Another girl next door was there so they can kick or throw the ball at each other and leave the boys with their rougher game.

When I went out Haziq was not there anymore so I figured they were bored and Haziq went to play with them instead. So I kicked ball with the girls.

Somehow I turned left where there is little bush across the road. I saw Haziq with his hand raised and the two boys were standing in front of him facing him. One of them had a gun pointing at Haziq's head!

I was shocked! Terrified! In fact, scared!

I shouted, "WHAT KIND OF GAMES ARE YOU PLAYING??!!! STOP POINTING THE GUN AT HIM!" My hands on my hips and probably looking very angry.

The boy with the gun answered, "It's not loaded!"

I said, "I don't care if it is not loaded. You are not playing that game!"

Oh I so wanted to smackhis head. I so wanted to take the gun and crash it to the ground. I didn't.

If the boys answered again I will walked to them and give more earful but they scampered off.

My heart stopped pumping and everything froze when I saw this. Okay it is a toy gun (I assumed) that looks frigging real. It's like a scene in a movie.

I was angry at the boys. The game was disgusting to me! I have never seen children playing that kind of game. They looked so, so, so adult and at one moment so evil.

I was angry at Haziq. He is a gentle boy, Haziq. He doesn't do violent. Oh sure I am no goody parent either. Of course I have bought him toy guns before. He does shoot around with his friends. But never, never at close range with the "victim" hands raised like that.

I was angry at Haziq because in my perspective those are plain bullying and Haziq had allowed him being bullied probably thinking that he was just playing along.

I was angry at myself also because I felt that I should have said more. I am furious.

I told Haziq to me the two kids were bullying him. I also told him never, ever allow anyone to make you play the victim with a game as repulsive as that! Oh Haziq got an earful alright.

What terrifyme most is will Haziq always be open for bullying when I am not around to "protect" him? Oh I am terrified.

Oh friends, am I being paranoid or over reacting? Are those just boys game? Should I just let Haziq play along with whatever game? Should I even interfere? Should I allow him to toughen him up and make him ready to face the real world?

I do not like violent game. I somehow saw that the game was a seed to violence.

What happen to normal games nowadays?


Tj said...

You are one good, concern mother. That's is normal.

If you ask a normal father like me, albeit with Eeyore Donkeh-like behaviour, biarlah diaorang nak main.

Ni kenalah potpet ngan Maam nih. That's is normal also.

anne said...

tough one lollies - would have freaked me out too.

Nekbat said...

"It's not loaded!"
That gives me the chill.

Captain Barbell said...

if you play grand theft auto in playstation2 also violent

no gonchaq said...

kadang2 kita ni too protective tapi kalau nak dibiarkan pulak susah jugak, takut nyesal

buatlah apa yang you rasa terbaik, yang lahir dari naluri ibu

itulah yang terbaik

Lollies said...

tj - you ok with kids playing game macam terrorist macam tu? Serious?

anne - it freaked me out

nekbat - and for that i was angry for not checking out whether it;s a real gun or what

saudagar - saya tak ada ps2 pun. heh heh

no gonchaq - harapnya gitulah

lion3ss said...

Lollies : Memanglah menakutkan especially in this day and age. Dulu kita main tembak tembak guna jari. Now you can never tell.

Tj said...

Lollies: Seriously. I dunno.

If it was playing like terrorrist, mebbe I have my reservations also.

Again, you're a good, concerned mother.

Lollies said...

lion3ss - but then again i think it is the culture here. tak hal langsung. but still i would prefer that it is not haziq yang jadi victim

tj - i am just a normal mother. biasalahkan?