Friday, February 17, 2006

Shamal Day

The view outside the main door during a minor shamal

Today is a shamal day. Not that it is anything to celebrate though. Shamal is in fact a natural hazard very typical in the middle east region. Shamal is sand or/and dust storm. Today it was dust storm. They are often driven by fierce northwest wind called shamal wind. What else should the wind be called? These winds scour the dust and sand off the surface and loft it into the air.

What I saw was dark sky and strong hailing wind. It was not a scary one. I think it can be worst. You don't see any dust nor sand flying around though. But walking outside today to the Fardhu Ain class you can feel the sand in your face and eyes. My lover who wears contact complains of discomfort and dusty eyes. I am having slight sore throat. My hands felt dusty.

I think due to this frequent sand/ dust storm in this region people here wear what they wear. Just think about it, wearing a veil would definitely keep the dust away from your face and most importantly your nostrils. The men can cover their face with the headscarve they wear.

Oh I forgot to close the kitchen window and there was dust all over the sink, pipes and floor.

But for those who work at site, like my lover, would have it worst. He works at a port at the north of Qtar called R@s L@ff@n. He says there are orange tint everywhere like a bad bad haze..and it is difficult to breathe. He was coughing for weeks. He needs a mask more than the one we used for the Malaysian haze. He needs that mask with the oxygen tank that made you look like you are an alien and talk like Darth Vader.

So I can't go out today and the kids cannot play outside. It doesn't look healthy.

Pot luck menu - Fried rice with those bird chillies and anchovies and prawn. 2L of teh tarik


Anonymous said...

..arghhh.. weather mmg teruk 2 hari ni.. eh ikan bilis mana dapaat?? hu hu hu.. r u guys going to MAQs palm island picnic ?

Lollies said...

azer - tapi sejuk sikit. babe ikan bilis bawak dari malaysia daaa. ingat nak pergi. you pergi?

Anonymous said...

..tengok ramalan cuaca dulu.. wakakkaka..

Lollies said...

alaaa pergi ajele. bilalagi mau naik itu dhow

Anonymous said...

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