Friday, March 10, 2006

Kiss is Easier to Comprehend

I heard this description, about my dad on the first few days Ibu was warded, from my aunties. Repeated many times and heard it from my different aunties. My dad was terribbly distraught and couldn't think straight and was crying most of the time. It was made worst when he learned that I couldn't go home.

I would probably be the same as him, if not worst. He was the one with my mum when she went into fits. He saw everything. He saw her being lifted on the stretcher and into the ambulance and rushed to the hospital. he was there. Even the neighbours were at shock, just at the sight of ambulance. Who? Who? They asked.

So I'm being here in a way had helped him cope with the pain and sadness and give him strength to go through this ordeal somehow. Actually I need support too and it's hard that my lover is not around. It's emotionally straining. Another entry maybe.

Whenever the doctor call my dad to explain something or to ask for his signature to do other minor operation, he'd ask me to come along. One time the doctor was explaining my mum's condition, she was not concious yet then, that her liver is quite damaged, her lungs and they also need to do CT scan to check her brains and all not so great things to hear. I asked the doctor to explain about her liver and the numbers and so forth. She gave me numbers and told me the range that a normal person should have. What I picked up from the conversation was that when she was admitted the number was very high, meaning very bad. Now her numbers have reduced, meaning herliver's condition has improved. And that's what I told my dad.

I told him, Ibu has showed some progress after a week. The number is still bad but what we need to see is progress Ayah. I think we can continue hoping. We must Ayah. My dad seems a bit happier. It may be a false hope. But it's hope nevertheless.

So you can imagine him being estatic that my mum is now concious. Even when she was still only one eye open and can only make little facial expression, he was eager to be with my mum.

He said to her the I love yous and all that.

He said, she is the only one for him. he is not thinking of another. (Apparently a day before my mum went into coma she told my dad that he can remarry after you know..after she passed on)

He said, if you love me, wink at me. Which she did. Which is obvious, because she only had one eye open. But she still does it now, those winkings.

He also asked for a kiss. And she puckered up and they kissed. I suppose it's a pecklah, not french kiss and all that. Got tubes maaa.

My dad is so gatal (flirtatious). He asked for a kiss even infront of the nurse. Show off!

Now I know where I got my traits from.

My mum also asked me to kiss her. How I know? She puckered up! I asked, kiss? And she nods. And I kiss her


Nekbat said...

That's a man in love. Sweetnya Ayah you.

1 said...

hope everythin goes well for the family

lollies said...

nekbat - actually he is.

wan - thanks

Anonymous said...

lollypop,nanti kalau ada stock lagi, i shall mail you more zam2. banyakkan baca yaasin & al waqi'ah kat dia. it's supposed to be soothing to her.
take care, you. do let me know if you need anything..
this time, it's the real me leaving a message.
much love,

lollies said...

hi nef. actually i was referring to ur blog. something very funnylah

lion3ss said...

Oh, everyone should have the love your parents have for each other! I was smiling to read that your dad even asked for a kiss in front ofthe nurse. Way to go Lollies Dad!! Your dad is so lucky that you are around to be with him at this hour.

Am glad to know that your mom is doing better..insya Allah it will only turn even better after this!

bertique said...

more good sign.

it's good.

anne said...

i think most of us cannot really imagine our parents are in love and being openly romantic. They are just parents...I guess lollies at times like these, there's no need for inhibitions ;-)

Leen Ash Burn said...

ish berabuk pulak mata ni *lap mata dengan tisu*

lollies said...

lioness - we can learn from this kan?

betik - let's hope there are more

anne - true tru

leen - janganlah gitu. nah tisu hembus hingus sekali

MA said...

Lollies : Hope everything will turn out fine. Allah knows best in this situation. Seek the hikmah in everything - am sure you already seen many of it kan ?

You dad is a wonderful man. Your mum is a wonderful lady to deserve your dad.

You're lucky ;-)

Take care & God Bless

...$weE+ 666... said...

sweet sangat ur dad! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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