Friday, June 02, 2006

Bracing for Hotter Summer

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They sell excellent thick commercial mango juice over here. The kind that you can get in only some "kedai mamaks" in Malaysia. But they have it anywhere here. Not just at any selected shops. Even the most run down "kedai pak Ravi" sells the mango drink.

So apa lagi? Mango lassilah kita..

Half a jug of thick mango juice.

A quarter jug of creamy fresh laban. (Which is plain yoghurt.) Or whatever ratio you prefer. The locals here I know like 1:1.

Perhaps sugar to taste. Just like popcorn, some people put salt instead. Sugar for me, thank you.

Serve chill.

And you have the RM8 mango lassi typically sold in Restoran Syed. Mind you the RM8 was only for a glass. The one that I drank nearly every week when I was pregnant with Jack. Taking my time swirling the liquid in my mouth, in between the teeth before slowly allowing myself to swallow it, savouring every trickle down my throat.

Hot season is here and so is the sweet juicy expensive Indian mangoes. Sold so cheap. QR10 for a box of 16. The bigger one is QR10 per kilo. Slightly more expensive, but ahhhh heaven is made of them mangoes you know.

This makes living in the hot, dry country worthwhile.

Ref : QAFAC – HEALTH ALERT - 03 / 2006 – Wed. 24th May 06


Akuro ® said...

Adeh! Meleleh ayaq lioq tgk that juice :(( Gonna grab me some of that later! *or maybe sooner*

Jill Yusoff said...

takut aku tengok blog ko ada chart segala. heheh. Just had Nestle canned juicy juice mango. terasa begitu humble sekali next to your lassi.

Lollies said...

akuro - cepat! cepat dapatkannya segera sebelum kehabisan stok.

jill - itulah reminscent zaman keagunganku. Chart pun chartlah

Idham said...

hehehe...waas in the desert this afternoon inspecting a site for an outdoor event...huh..blazing hot...
cancel terus!!!

Lollies...this is my new URL to the same old blog.


maklang said...

Macam yang kat mekah...pekat dia sampai melekat kat tekak!

Lollies said...

idham - ingatkan buat 360 degrees blog kat yahoo ke apa

maklang - memang sesungguhnya gitu. Ianya bagus di hari yang panas dan makan pulak daging-daging kambing. sejuk badan dan elok untuk penghadaman.

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