Monday, June 19, 2006

Electrical Electronics

Can somebody tell me the meaning of this word? Is it the same in Arabic?

I wrecked my camera today. My only camera that I brought here. It was soaked in water from Jack's beaker in my handbag. I am upset. I was hoping to get a digital SLR next, but I still need a compact. It also mean that I won't have any activity for myself when I go out. Everyone knows that the camera is like an extension of my hand.

Coming home just now, we found that half of the house electrical network went kaput. The kids' room and the guest room and also the aircond for the living room. The kids said yeah we are sleeping over at Ibu's. Camping out in my room. The landlord is only coming tomorrow.

I also think a goalkeeper needs to have really loud voice and strong throat as well. They seem to be shouting a lot.


Jill Yusoff said...

Haiya..gua tak bleh konsentret sama itu jalan cerita la. Kepala gua kasik stuck sama itu nama kedai jugak.

sare_reyes said...

macam pernah ku dengar nama itu, tapi di mana ya?....hahahaha
soo...goalkeeper can be a good mother? hmmm....

Nazrah said...

interesting isn't it?
it may be a malay term for genitalia, but in arabic it means -freedom from grief or sorrow,or pleasure, joy, comfort.

now can you see the connection?

so sorry abt ur camera. maybe it's a sign for u to get a new one.

Lollies said...

jill - itu baru pendek aje entry aku tu

sare - takleh. unless goalkeeper tu pompuan

nazrah - waaaahh i nak edit post ini dgn definition you. thanks

anis said...

ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! im having weird combinations in my head now of handphones and.. err... noo!!! O_O

sayalaitu said...

faraj tu dlm bahasa arab ker?
kalo faraj dlm bahasa arab tu.. tau sendiri lah..

kalo dlm bahasa parsi laks ape makna nyer?
sebab bahasa parsi pon ade perkataan faraj..