Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Interview with A Two Year Old Boy

jackMaster Zachary turned "terrible two" on the 7th June 2006 but he is anything but that. I haven't been interviewing him for a long time. I remembered the interview, which was ages ago (which is of course a lie, because Master Zachary is only two, thus the term ages ago does not apply to him). He spilled us his insights. Amazing boy. I am going to sneak on him and ask him what he has been up to lately.


Hello there Master Zachary??

*playing with his cars. Looks at me. Points to car and said* CAR! *grins* Hey! What are you doing here?

Little chat. I do miss you. My my my it has been so long eh? You are looking good.

*Big Grin* And likewise.

So tell me what's new from the last we met?

Well as it is so can see that I can make better use of my legs. Instead of sucking my toes, I can now walk and jump and run and even prance like a pony. Ibu always laugh when I prance.

I don't drool as much. I have the whole set of teeth. I think. *show perfect pearlies*

And I don't fit the little car seat anymore.

jackYes I can see that. You are a big boy now

Well I am two. *hit two cars together and make explosive sounds*

Yes that's why I am here. So what did Ibu get you?

Hmm..I don't know. Are we suppose to get something for birthdays? I don't remember getting anything for my birthday. *Glance at ibu who is using computer intently* She did say she wants to make brownies but I don't recall any of it. Each time she says brownies or cakes she would curse the oven. Ayah thinks we should get a new oven. Ibu says we should wait. I don't know why she does that. She complains a lot about it but not want to jump at Ayah's offer. Strange my Ibu.

But she was busy doing two dishes of trifle and a big big pot of peanut sauce. She seems really busy this week. Either in the kitchen or in front of the computer.

But I did hear she talked to my dad about getting me a bike or that little car. You know the one I can ride on. I have been riding the vacuum cleaner a lot. My mum thinks I am a deprived child. She thinks all of us are deprived children in this house. He he..I wouldn't mind getting a bike.

That is wonderful. Hope your Ayah buys it soon.

Ibu wants other stuffs for my brother and sister too. School holiday is coming. So I think Ibu wants to keep us occupied.

Two years have gone by..what do you think is the most significant thing that happen to you Master Zachary?

*Stop. Turn to me. Put down the cars he was playing. Serious look*

jack,meSomething happen to me in the past few months. I can't really put my finger on it. I woke up one day and I see my mum around. Which is normal sometimes. It could be weekend. She probably took a leave. But then it went on for quite some time. I see her everyday. In the morning, she is around. She bathes me. She is always the one who feeds me. She is still around in the afternoon. The next day I wakes up and she is still there.

I may not understand the concept of time just yet..but I think it has been like this for quite some time. Of me always seeing her around nearly everywhere she goes, I am always with her now.

I am excited of course, but I am also wary. You know despite her being with me nearly all the time, I couldn't help wondering for how long this good thing will go on. I am ashamed to say that I am even more clingy to her. I cry out when I wake up just to see her rushing to the room. And yes I am reassured...she is around.

I am afraid that one day I wake up..and poof..she is not there in the morning. Only in the evenings and on weekends. But at the moment I am enjoying her. I am glad she is around.

I have developed tremendous, compared to the last you saw me..but emotionally I think this has to be the most significant thing that happen to me.

I am a happy child. Psstt I am luckier than my brother and sister eh?

You are. You are the lucky one. Make your Ibu happy while you are at that okay...You know that she is not working for now. You are in a different country. Your mum thinks it's best that no one in the family stay apart.

I think it's hard for her you know. Not working and taking care of kids. She is not used to it. Not having a good adult conversation. I don't talk much yet or she still doesn't understand me as much. But I heard she says, since she is at it, she wants to give her best. Being with me and my brother and sister. So I think she is enjoying. I hope so. And yesssshhhh I want my Ayah. Yeehhhhhh.

*smiles* Another good chat Master Zachary. Glad that you are doing okay. Having good time and all. Not many have this opportunity you know. *Ruffles Zachary's hair* I can also smell chocolate from the kitchen.

*turns to kitchen*. I think Ibu finally made the brownies. *smile*

Eh! Wait!

Yes Master Zachary?

Say one.


Just say one. the number one.



Oh I see! Three.





ah ah ah

Eight. Nine.


Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha. Very good.

Now say I.




Ha ha ha ha Ha ha ha.

Happy birthday Zachary. May life be good to you.

Most recent picture. Master Zachary's favourite sleeping position.


~ahni~ said...

Lollies, sleeping position tu macam sama ngan anak TJ je....

Nazrah said... adorable. Ni la dia si J@ck2 to eh?

Captain Barbell said...

master jerry sends his regards, he said **meoww**

Lollies said...

ah ni - ya ka? feveret posisi tu.

nazrah - yadialah yang selalu menggugat perbualan kita

saudagar - aaawwww Master Zachary certainly loves cats. From master to another, stroke Master Jerry's head.

anne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jackjack...muuuuuahhhhh. Stay kiut!

maklang said...

happy birthday zack...muga jadi insan yang berguna satu hari nanti, insyaAllah...

Idham said...

*this entry makes me smile...with warm feeling for master Zakery*
Based on teh interview he gave, I want to make him an offer for future employment with the company... :)
Nice entry Lollies....enjoyed reading the nuances.

what Zakery said
"I think it's hard for her you know. Not working and taking care of kids. She is not used to it. Not having a good adult conversation"

The above is true for most expats' spouses ...hubbies can esaily under-estimate this side of loneliness. I am guilty of the same.

Look forward to seeing master Zakery, yourself and the family soon.


Lollies said...

anne - nak hadiah

mak lang - Insya Allah. :)

Idham - Master Zachary said he can't wait to see you too. ANyway I am glad that even though I am in the house, no adult and all..I am in touch with many virtually. Best

Jill Yusoff said...

Eh what happen to my comments? I am sure I was the first one to congratulate Master Zachary on turning the big two. And I am sure I said something witty and intelligent to go with that. Hmph. Anyways, hope Ibu and Master Zachary had had a blast. Tidor menonggeng tak pe, jangan besar nanti asyik dok frust menonggeng je.

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

zachary, meh arm-wrestle dgn aunty babe! tengok sapa menang!!!

oh, and that's my favourite emergency sleeping position (when all other positions fail to give me comform, menonggeng is the way to go. you should try it too!!!)

atiza said...

happy belated birthday jack jack..