Sunday, September 03, 2006

Word Sunday : Cooker, Drawer and MONSTERssori

occasionally after my very so often cooking up wonderful cuisine because that is what a goddess do everyday, Batrisyia would come up to me and hug me and said, I love your cooking Ibu. You are a great cooker.

Ha ha ha, laughs Haziq. Ibu is a cooker! Ibu is a cooker.

Thank you Batrisyia, I said, because that is what you said when you receive a compliment. I am a cooker just like you are a drawer.

Ha ha ha laugh the comical Haziq. Sya is a drawer.

You know what. I looked up at answers dot com. One of the meaning for cooker is this

A person employed to operate cooking apparatuses in the commercial preparation of food and drink.

And one of the meanings of drawer is this

An artist skilled at drawing

I am confused now. My Ingris so bad.

The school new term is starting tomorrow. Sya knew that she is changing school but thank goodness she didn't ask me why she is not in the same school as Haziq. She asked me the name of her new school. I said D0ha M0ntessori British School.

She asked back, "D0ha MONSTERsorri"?

Ha ha ha, Haziq laughed at her. You are going to a monster school.

"Well", said Sya to Haziq her beloved brother, "You are staying in the same school. I heard that is because you have been naughty in class. You will stay put."

I am not.

Do too!

Anything as long as she din't ask me why she is not in the same school as her brother.


Nazrah Leopolis said...

hello there cooker goddess,

please tell princess drawer, aunty likes the drawing..everyone looks so happy. the cooker must really be a great cooker huh?


about school, don't you worry, she'll love the school so much she'd either have a lot of things to brag about which haziq's school do not have, or she'd have so much fun, it won't be an issue at all.

Jo Kontan said...

One time, I asked my small brother, wot's the position he'splaying in his school rugby team ?



"Where did you place the switchgears ? Customer is screaming for their goods."


sare @ syah said...

cooker? hehe. saya ingatkan drawer tu pun salah...rupanye ingris oso bad one lah...haha

Idham said...

*laugh a bit*
*smile a lot*
after reading this entry!

Good luck to Haziq and Sya for the new school year! and to mama driver, cooker and entertainer.

uncle pakcik :)

Jill Yusoff said...

a cooker in drawers can be a real monster *winks*

Miss Anis said...

hehehe your son punya sense of humour sangat interesting. neeway, just to inform i moved my bloghome to here:

hehe dont ask why @_@

simah said...

*hugs*..she will be fne whichever school she is going to.. r u still sad about that school rejection?

Lollies said...

nazrah - ha ha ha. I am a multi purpose cooker. Sya will be sokembang when she hears your compliments. *like always*

TJ - ha ha ha. Lawak gila. I will remember that sampai bebila

sare - tapi saya rasa itu slang ajele. Kat cambridge dictionary tak kata gitu pun. saya fonkius.

idham - waduh jamnya jalan tadi. pengsa saya

jill - indeed. indeed.

anis - wa nak tanya juga. asal?

simah - we are happy to be in the new school because it is a good school gak albeit lack of afternoon activities. but they have a new principal (dari sek yg saya nak masukkan masa mula-mula dulu). I think we are looking forward to good times. But ayoo the jam from the kids school. *dies*

simah said...

heheheh dont die yet.. u just got ur international licence *wink*

anggerik merah said...

Lollies, cute lah yr two angels nih..

Mama Rock said...

oh lollies, not just your kids. i remember one incident in my english class (before we left for the US and we are suposed to give the noun of the verb. and when it comes to cook, someone yelled out cooker!...and that came from an 18 yr old...LOL!

Lollies said...

simah - itulah bahananya. jadi supir rupanya saya

AM - ha ha ha. buah hatiku yang bising amat

mamarock - welkam welkam to my humble blog. dudklah saya hidang baklava dengan mango lassi.

ha ha ha to your story. Sya can be forgiven then.

Sya said...

Woke up nak sahur, online jap baca blogs...

Teruknya my otak, at 5 am masih tido (tadak idea)anyway...

cooker send my kisses to the drawer

maklang said...

ha...ha...kawan maklang pun ada cakap cam tu, tapi can you cook the water. Direct translatin from masak!!

Well done...cooker...

Anonymous said...

I love the drawing,mebbe at the farthest left is lollies, the top smaller pic is batrisyia, in front of her is haziq opposite u is the sister and the crown no face pulak tu your lover.All in green eh..

Anonymous said...

Loll ;

Tumpang Lalu. Nii kira udah kes berat nii. Satu entri dua Kommeng.

Hey Mama Rock !! : I hope it wasn't me eh ?

Anonymous said...

bila kau nak buat cookies for me..

dlt said...

oh.... the cooker has become supir for the drawer now eh? u used to the heavy traffic in Msia, sure leh cope nye lah ngan traffic kat sana :)
Cute Princess Drawer with her drawing...

bisutulibuta said...

cook = cooker
draw = drawer
lolipop = lolipopper ?? hehe

Lollies said...

sya - he he. will do.

mak lang - terimakasih mak lang.

easylady - amazing how a child seesher buzzing life around her kan?

TJ - ha ha ha. makan cili ke?

aie - ayoo aku balik msia nanti aku pasti tak hingin nak masak. aku pi rumah ko ok?

dlt - ayoo so the teruk one. nantilah bila sempat saya blog. sungguh tak sempat sekarang ni

btb - now now now..what does a lolippopper do eh? making lollipop? :D. i like that word. ada banya huruf p.

rad said...

What a play of words!!
I learnt recently (after driving for years) the different btw bump & bumper!! english not so good ma...

KakNi said...

aku susah nak komen entry ini selepas ternampak bendera yang besar kat entry sebelum