Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sigh..... Batrisyia

Lantern lighting up the path at Al Kh0r beach

I got the news today. About Sya.

Sya was not accepted into the school that I wanted her to enroll in.


I am quite disappointed. I am sad and disappointed at the same time.

I wanted that school because first of all it is a good school. Actually I wanted this school for both of them. But there is just no place for any of them. But still, it is a good school.

Secondly, it is the school that Haziq attends to. Logistics! Logistics! At the moment since Batrisyia goes to different schools, which is opposite direction to each other, we had to hire two drivers. If they are in the same school, logistics would be easier, not to mention cheaper. And them being in the same school, saves a lot of other things including term holidays. (some schools have different timing).

Thirdly and probably one of the important reason is that school placement is really difficult. Really really difficult now. Especially for good school.

BIG SIGHhhhhhhhhh.

Batrisyia had to go through an entrance test last Sunday. Which she didn't make it. I saw the paper. She needs to be able to read the instruction to do it. At some point there was an oral test and she had to read a passage. She can only identify a few words. (actually I am amaze that she remembered those words. Hooray!)It was quite a few pages and I was already worried. You see Batrisyia could not read just yet.

And also, and also *hangs head* Batrisyia doesn't speak much English.

You know, being a mother and all, I partly blame my self for her inadequacies(?). I did try to teach her to read, but she is not as responsive as her brother. I had it easy with Haziq, so I became impatient with her. *hangs head*

Plus I thought she is still too young. What's the rush?

And also, I speak to her mostly in Malay for I feel more comfortable speaking in my own language with my kids. Thus..she doesn't speak much english, making it tougher for her here.

But she doesn't have problem with her school. Because they do understand she being a non-english speaking person, english would be her second language. And plus since coming here, she is picking up. Her friends are all truly english girls. (She hates the boys. She only wants to marry her brother remember?)

I thought she would definitely have improved coming over. Which she has. She has. But we signed in school late, miss one term and went back to Malaysia for two months, and I didn't do anything about both her reading and her english, and suddenly two weeks back and an entrance test!

A test that she didn't make through.

Sometimes I think it is not the not being able to get the school that I am bothered with. It is the rejection that saddens me.

I know this could well be a blessing in disguise. I hope to be able to say, it is the school's loss, not mine. Well, I'd like to think so. But I won't be able to do it in this just a few hours after the news.

I am trying other schools tomorrow. Do wish me luck.


anne said...

Dont take it too hard, lolls. Logistics wise, yup - it would have been more convenient satu sekolah. Otherwise, dont put too much pressure on yourself..kids have their own way to adapt - to language, to new environment..let her grow at her own pace.

From meeting sya that day, she seem very intelligent (apart from very pretty...hmmm ikut siapa ek;-P)

Lollies said...

tulah I was talking to a lot of people today and they were all surprised of the test. mentang2 lah coveted school. kat sini as you knowlah kan, transportation is susah and mahal. despite minyak murah. thus service dia sangat mahal.

I have no doubt she is intelligent. pretty and intelligence semuanya ikut saya. percayalah

Jane said...

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Lollies said...

no. i only play with balls.

aie said...

good luck!