Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Raya Parcel

I do want to write about my raya here but I was caught up with a lot of things and now I am infected with with blocked nose and irritating cough (yet again). I will post my raya experience here next. Perhaps with a picture or two. With the slacked kebaya? Tengoklah..

But now I want to write about this long awaited parcel that have finally arrived. My mother in law posted it. It took two weeks to reach here via normal post, which from the date stamped, I was supposed to receive it on the 17th October. Somehow, maybe some people are too lazy, we only get to collect it today. But better late then never.

The top three photos are my kids particularly Haziq who were very excited. I was correcting him (dengan marah-marahnya) on his Al Qadr tajweed, but he was too distracted that I finally let him go.

Well generally there were lots of kuehs. My mother in law must have thought that I love London Almond so much that she posted them too. You see, I usually give her those for each raya. I am never a fond of modern kueh raya actually, but I guess London Almond is an exception. She gave murukus (lover loves them), kerepek (lover's), tart nenas (I want my mummmmmyyyy's) but one thing that caught me by surprise was she gave me kueh bangkit. Yay!!! I love kueh bangkit. This is the true "don't melt in your hand but melt in your mouth" cookie. Hmmppsss feel them plastering in the mouth. I just love them. And the one that she got for me were the good ones. She must have seen me gluttonning over kueh bangket. Oh I love her.

And she got me ketupat segera Adabi. Yayyyy!! I have been experimenting using plastics, tupperware and was about to go back to my student's day of pressing them in sarung bantal (unused okay). Legaaa.. And not only that, she also got me the plastik tahan panas for more of the easy peasy nasi himpit that will last throughout my stay here, including if I ever call people over. Yayyyy!!!

She also got me a big pack of serbuk kari. Alamak one je? He he. And gula melaka. Ohhh I can already imagine my sago puding and pengat pisangku. And udang kering (dried shrimp). Yayyyyyy sesangat. And ikan bilis (dried anchovies). (Hope the photos are not yucky to some of you). Alamak mine should be the white clean one, but hey beggars cannot be chosers. So yayyy again.

But most importantly my dad passed me the one thing I was in need most. My Jamus (traditional supplement for guaranteed aphrodisiac and energy needed to fulfill the high libido caused by taking the supplement). Love you ayah. Stock good enough to last me until the day I go back home.

Yummeh. Lick lips.


sare @ syah said...

tart nenas tu my feveret gak. so bila nak buat open house? hehe.

Nana said...

it's all these little things that makes us realise what we're missing when it's not in front of us kan?

Jo Kontan said...

As I was reading thru the n3, my (suci dalam debu) mind wanders..

"Amenderlaaa botol pink, ijau, and oren tuu. Mebbe Kopi kot.... Kopi Jantan kot ?.."

Laaaaaa.. Jamuuu..

Selamat Hari Raya and Enjoyss.

Mama Rock said...

best bila dapat package dari mesia ya...especially ikan bilis yang lembut sikit tu, kalau goreng pun garing...tak le liat mcam kat vietnam store tu :)

Lollies said...

sare - saya maintain malaaasssssss :P

nana - tulah jgn lupa tau kita kat sini macam2 tak ada hu hu

jokontan - jaga badan banngg

mama rock - ada ikan bilis kat sini hitam besar. yucks

Kak Elle said...

Enjoy the goodies whilst it last...best huh getting stuff from back home?

Anonymous said...

Hi lollies,

I was away a lot, so I do know the absolute thrill of receiving parcels/packages of home grown goodies. You reacted and described them well here.

Hope you had a wonderful Raya with family and friends.

m.u.l.a.n said...

wadusshhh... can open a groc shop maaahhh... absolutely nope la. where got road to get those precious supply in doha right, right, right..??? though i got d chance to go back for raya this time, i didn't get a bit of kueh bangkit (i luv them too..) esp yg pakai daun limau purut.. my tok sedara selalu buat..

Jill Yusoff said...

terkenang zaman dok asrama terima parcel. patut le tak nampak ko berkeliaran di alam maya semalam, dah dapat jamu ropanya ;)

Anonymous said...

jelesnya ada org dapat parcel
eh jamu cap apa? nona roguy ka? share2 la sikit ;)

Sya said...

Lollies.. I can see Haziq excitement in those pict but reading ur entry .. I can sense ur excitement which makes me excited too.. very infectious gitu

Anonymous said...

nona roguy lagik...harus mantep!


boleh tambah satu lagey nih :)

jo tak sabar nak buka team bola tuh..

Lollies said...

kak elle - best sesangat. nak nak those stuff memang tak ada kat sini. ada udang keringlah yang paling saya nak sekali

ruby - it was quite an amazing raya. thanks

mulan - kueh bangkit pakai daun limau eh? tidak ku ketahui pun

jill - ha ha ha. tapi aku tak makan lagi. dok posa ni malas nak makan. tapi teramatlah busy. tak sempat nak tenet

atenah - ehem ehem. jaga badan cik tenah ooii

sya - jom jom kita lompat-lompat

Sunfloraa said...

hmpphhh in rachnee (bahrain) they sell both ikan bilis and udang kering! (jamu still takdak.) Wahhh habislah lover lepas ni ;) Will there be another one after jack-jack? hheheheheh

selamat hari raya!

anne said...

bestnya, dapat parcel from home;-) cepat2 posting, nak tengok lolls pakai baju kebaya!!!

urs truely said...

lollies...i can swear i hv left a comment here. now when i revisit, it has dissappeared.....*puzzled*
was it deleted? did i say something offensive? If so, my apologies....huhuhu

aha.....jamu tu best tu. ada la org yg happy tu...!


anggerik merah said...

Bestnya dapat parcel..

catch -up with you later.
Enjoy the jamuuu..

simah said...

very very very lucky you..i am so happy for u.. it is always nice to recieve a parcel from home..esp of the things u love..


enjoy the goodies... bila nak balik sana?

Lollies said...

SF - heh heh. tak kot. ini untuk fun fun aje. ha ha ha

anne - alaa gemuklah aku ni

arif - eh mana ada komen awak. percayalah saya tak ada delete apa2 pun. hatta spam

AM - awak nak ke amna tuuuuu?

simah - he he. dapat gua buat kuah kacang sepuas hati. bila nak balik? entahlah. awak?

Anonymous said...


Lollies said...

err for what?