Thursday, November 30, 2006

All Set to Go

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Doha is set for the Asian Games tomorrow. Even though I personally think, with the mountains of money they have, they can do so much better in terms of aesthetic and preparation. But they got everything in place and in time. Phew! The second picture is the Athlete's Village. A big flag, I think it's Bahrain's, is proudly plastering on the wall. The Athlete's village was just finished. Another phew. They could do with more greens I think.

Securities in Bedouin makeshift tents are at every stadiums armed with metal detector for under the car check.

Flags, banners are everywhere and those big big banners that cover the whole building depicting different type of sport are classy (sorry no picture, maybe later). Full of colours. I really like them. Very tasteful. Thumbs up!

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Most roads leading to stadiums are well lit decorated partucularly this one. This road leads to Khalifah Stadium, the main stadium here where the opening and closing ceremony will take place. I am amazed they choose these type of streetlights. Too much maintenance in my opinion. Today there had to put up new light bulbs. Gosh!

The big tower cum torch at the Khalifah tower is pleasantly intimidating. Someone told me just how much gas they will pump up to keep the light burning, I err, forgot. The stadium's lighting are hallucinating. I saw part of the commissioning (from far) and I must say, wow! We'll wait for the real day I guess.

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Colourful billboards are placed at every strategic roundabout and traffic lights intersections. A good way to cover up the pile of unused land.

The 15th Asia Games will be held in Doha from 1st-15thDecember 2006. I have been waiting for this moment since I got here. What more, I am a committee member for the Malaysian association here.

But where would I be at that time? I would be in Malaysia instead. Yes you read it right. I am leaving to Kuala Lumpur tonight via Qtar Airways. I will be like all of you, watching the sports from the tele, and that is if I do watch.

It will be a short stay. Hope to meet some of you if not all.


simah said...

Safe journey!! mesti u tak sabar nak taouch down jumpa all ur families n friends..:0) i am sooo happy for u!

sare_reyes said...

Lollies, u're coming home? mmm...then who's going to cheer the Malaysian contingent at Doha? hehe.
btw, have a safe journey! :)

dlt said...

Welcome home. Have a safe journey. U and the kids only? luver tinggal ke?

And alaaaaaa...... Malaysia dah kurang satu pom-pom girl.

lollies said...

simah - heh heh. i am here already

sare - ha ha ha. saya telah wakilkan kepada mereka yang tinggal.

dlt - i balik dgn jack aje. lover dan anak dua orang tu tinggal. heh heh

Kak Elle said...

wrong timing .... would love to meet up but month of december I can't take leave just because one staff has taken the whole month till mid january..anyway have a safe journey and enjoy your stay.

MULAN said...

u sampai msia dulu? huwaaa.. tak sabarnya i nak balik jgk. wuitt.. cheerleader tadak tu, sunyi la kontijen msia nanti. enjoy yr time in msia tu ya.

1 said...

eh mummy balik. kansel la jadi cheerleader dah. welcome home lollies and jack jack.