Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Change of Season

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Did I tell you it rained here on the fourth day of Raya? It wasn't much but it was enough to wet my cement compound and bring up the smell of rain. I didn't even realise it was raining, until we went out that day.

I was overwhelmed by the rain you know. I almost cried. Sappy gila aku ni. But yes, if you have not seen rain for so long, droplets are like blessings. You would thank God for it. You would want to savour it. Actually what I wanted to do was to stand in the rain, heads up, arms outstretched and eyes closed enjoying the raindrops. But, I had mascara on, powder and all. he he.

The real rain season, however will be sometimes in February and March. Those are cat and dogs rain. Just watch this space for entries on flash flood around those time of the month. (If I can take my own photo that is)

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingWe went to Dukh@n which is about 1 hour drive from D0ha. There was a raya invitation. And on that day, I really felt that raya was really raya. It was probably the long hour travelling traveling. (Ceh! Baru satu jam). And also perhaps the house is old quarters, bungalow with spacious area and white wooden fences with creeping vines. I felt like I was at my Atuk's. I felt like I just balik kampung. The true spirit of raya is an exodus to kampung (pardon KLites).

The rain, the traveling that day, the convoying with many Malaysian (Ms. Ruby one of them. Ha ha ha Elisa, ni kan sikit-sikit I mention nama dia). To add to it, the Melayu community in Dukh@n is way smaller than the one in D0ha, and somehow they exude so much friendliness. We were only invited to one actual open house, but we went to the other three Malay houses as well. I do not know any of them. Kelam kambut dia orang masak. Sampai nugget pun keluar. Kesian dia orang.

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This morning, Doha was blanketed with thick fog. The ambiance was cooler and almost refreshing. Visibility was about 50-100m. The sun shied away for a while. Amazingly traffic seems to be on everyone's side too. Fog as thick as this is akin to the haze found in Malaysia and Singapore. Ahaks! Ahaks!

The top two pictures are actually at the same roundabout (called Sudan roundabout). One taken this morning, the other sometime during clear day. The rest of the pictures I just put it up here to prove my point. And my point was, my windscreen is dirty.

The kids have been coughing. Running nose and all. Me too.

You can probably tell by now. These are all signs. New season is coming.

Yay to winter.


1 said...

kire rare kan hujan kat sana mummy. alhamdulillah.

mummy lollies takde plan nk sokong malaysia time sukan asia ke kt doha in a few days time. mesti best expatriate jd pom2. huhu.

dlt said...

change of season? winter? hmm... syiok! winter dia se extreem summer ke?
lama tak jenguk sini. hari tu, jenguk je ur blog, kena virus. jenguk je, kena virus. sampai hang2 komputer. tu yang berehat sekejap from visiting ur blog. now dah ok kot.

sare_reyes said...

mentang2 la bulan raya, rumah yg tak kenal pun awak masuk gak ek? hehe.
nanti jangan lupa amik gambar snow nnt :)

Lollies said...

wan - sangat sangat rare. oh kita orang will be cheering for malaysia nanti. siap dah dapat tshirt malaysia dah. he he. i masuk suratkhabar hari tu you tak nampak?

dlt - errkk virus ke? winter dia mild aje macam autumn kat UK. really nice

sare - wei mana ada snow daaa.

anne said...

kesian rumay yg masak nuggets tu...ish, ish lollies ni, pantang nampak rumah semua dia nak beraya

Man Bucit said...

nice to see that you are settling well overthere, how's your arabic?

Jill Yusoff said...

Yay to winter. Adakah ini boleh menjadi alasan untuk shop for new clothes?

Kak Elle said...

beraya juga eh? nice change of weather wish we can have some of the cool weather.

Lollies said...

anne - sebab dukhan tu orang pergi setahun sekali aje. sekali arunglah. atually kita pun dah kenyang makan, tapi dia nak masak gak. bebudak jele makan. kita orang makan

man bucit - ahhh ahh ok. hari tu i pegi kedai mintak susu. pakcik tu tunjuk eggs. pastu i kata uridu khalib. saya nak susu. ahh khalib. ada terer sikitlah. i belajar kat carton susu

jill - satu alasa dan lesen besar. zaralah targetku

kak elle - sebenarnya raya sini sakan gila. masa cuti seminggu tu minimum dua rumah sehari. purata tiga empat. ni esok je ada dua. lusa pulak rumah saya dan rumah someone malam.

rad said...

Eh, udah2 beraya tu...lagi happening dari org mesia nampaknya!
Betoi ka masuk paper? Which one? Bila? *Nakgi carik*

A Babe Of Very Little Brain said...

my heart is wintry cold. it's chilly inside me.

UglyButAdorable said...

lolls kalau jadie pom pom girl..pakai mascara mesti vogue gitu...

anyway..i understand u..when there was no sunshine in the country area dulu..biler kuar skejab..ya allah tak dapat nak criter...

atiza said...

pom pom bole buat dengan tali rafia

simah said...

forgive my ignorance.. kat sana ada turun snow tak?...ala lollies... jangan la gelak kat i..geography i lingkup

Lollies said...

rad - raya tak habis lagi kat sini tau. ha ha ha. paper kat sinilah sayang. bukan kat mesia

babe - ohh come here let me warm you up.

UBA - rasa cam rindunya sajakan?

atiza - betul

simah - ha ha ha. kat negara arab ni tak ada snow. kat iran ada.

Sunflora said...

Welcome winter and rainy season! Shahrul ada contact you ke tak?