Sunday, November 05, 2006

Word Sunday : Event Management

Event management is defined as the application of the management science of project management to the creation and development of festivals and events.

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A very typical amatuerish raya invitation card designed by Lollies.

Not that I am an expert on it, but I have been getting a lot of tips these past few weeks. There was no science.

The event was not a professional one, but it did take a lot of my spare time. Thus explaining my short hiatus and the lack of chatting time. Hu hu hu

I was seriously paying attention to Futuredoc's entry on tips to attend a function. I made mental note on them, since I was in the organising committee. He he tu lah pasal saya risau sangat tau.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThe association thing that I gatal-gatal got myself involved in here organised a makan-makan open house for the members. About 200 came. The committees prepared the main dishes, which again I was paranoid the whole time I cooked. I made soto ayam. Again after reading Serious tummy ache after a raya function, I took extra care when I shred the 10 chickens. (lenguh jemariku ini). And I also cooked with luurrrvvvve, so hopefully no case of uncooked chicken or something. It was nervous wreck to cook because the other makciks were good at this big 200-300 people cooking. So, my dish could end up alienated. And I am being serious ni. Photo shows some poisoned victims looking healthy prior to eating my chicken soto

I was also the MC of the night. I was glad that I didn't have to call strange people to give speeches like what this other doctor had to endure. Unfortunately they had to endure me *uhuk uhuk*. It was a cheerful mode, no formalities. Just simple short fun-filled action-packed time.

There was ketupat weaving competition, which was won by Miss Salw. She was amazingly calm and completed like only minutes after I started off the game. Leaving the rest of the contenders nervous like crazy. Menggigil babe!

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Ms. Salw is the one in niqab. The guys were seriously good too. The one biting the ribbon got the second place. Anyway, Ms. Anggerik Merah, you might recognise someone in this photo, if you can head-read that is.

I counted a whole lot of nuts at 2 the earlier morning. I sincerely hope that it was correct. Can you guess how many nuts are in the jar?

I had a crazy time computing all the answers when people rushed to me shouting. I seriously thought the audience would be unresponsive you know. So I urged them to come out, get to the mike. Was I wrong! They were all over! Yang jantan. Yang tino. kecik beso. Hitam puteh. Tak terlayan aku.

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Look at this enthusiastic guy. Some people actually took out their calculator to count the nuts. Lawak gila!

The children got their face painted. They got balloons and little balls to occupy their time. And some goodie bags too.

There were lucky draws (so common eh? but people love lucky draw especially if you keep them anxious about it).

One story eh..

The last winner was Puan Hafsah Manaf. So I announced her name and there were groans from the audience that they did not win. When she was approaching me, I said oh sorry, bukan Puan Hafsah lah (Not Puan Hafsah). People were quiet. Puan hafsah stopped short and said, "Don't tell me salah orang!" (Don't tell me you got the wrong person). I said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, indeed it is not Puan Hafsah but DR. Hafsah (for she is a PhD. holder)" The audience laughed and Dr. hafsah hit me on the shoulder. Ouch!

Lover helped me wrapped the presents. The whole week before the event, we went out everyday hunting for suitable prizes. That's why I have been silent. Sebookkzzzzz. The best dressed were also given prizes. Yang syioknya tengok budak kecik. I bought a big monstrous truck for the best dressed boy. And a big cooking set for the girl. Don't they love getting big colorful wrapped present?

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All in all, I had a great time. The prizes were not expensive ones as the association is like running out of money and we didn't have time to look for sponsors. (Sebenarnya aku tensi pasal ni. Tapi kang dia kata ko lah jadi president. So fogeddit). But I had fun. I think the people had fun too. At least I hope. We hope. Some pictures came out in the local paper with a short clipping to it.

A simple event, I must say, but good fun.


Idham said...


meriah meriah *clap clap to the MC*
kacang tu ...saya teka...ada 999 bijik! betul ka dak?
yang satu bijik tu jack2 dah ambek..hehehe...

gambar2 tu..semua2 nya tampan dan jelita, mana gambar goddess nya?
tak de pun!!

lover tak menang ka menganyam ketupat?

urs truely

sare_reyes said...

risau, menggigil, crazy, sibuk, tension...but u've survived! congrats!!! nampak macam seronot je openhouse tu...hehe

Lollies said...

idham - ha ha ha. jawapan anda tidak tepat. tapi bolehlah sikit lagi. gambar saya? ada sebenarnya. he he. kecik sangat.

commitee dan keluarganya takleh participate. takut bias. cewah

sare - seronok gak

~ahni~ said...

Wow! Lollies dahsyat giler; MC, cook and event manager!

Bravo to you girl!

Jill Yusoff said...

Coba ko kasi tau aku berapa isipadu balang itu dan isipadu kacang itu sekali, aku nak teka. heheh. And if I squint real hard, I can just spot you in the pic. Way to go babe! Adakah ini bermakna ko akan kembali bersidai di tingkap wahai event scientist extraordinaire?

Kak Elle said...

Congrats a well organised gathering 'clap2' wonder so quiet last few days ade project rupa nya.Glad things went smoothly and everyone happy ...abeh blogger takde hadiah ke?

Count Byron said...

WOW.. and that was a really big WOW! I love these gigs.. and u've done extremely well getting guys to anyam ketupat. Sometimes they cann't even untangle themselves from their mesh.
Congratulations Loll

maklang said...

Tabik spring...buat Soto 10 ekor ayam, berapa kilo pulak buat pergedil??

Tahniah adek lollies!!!!

Lollies said...

ah ni - alaahh tapi kokak aje majlisnya. taklah hebat mana pun. cita je lebih

jill - alamak aku tak taulak isipadu dia. yang aku tau size medium hara 14 Riyal. ko memeng mata tajam. boleh mula sidai sikit2 kalau tak kuar pi open house. Hampir setiap hari ni. Walaupun weekdays

Kak Elle - blogger dapat hadiah banyak lagi kesah merapu dari saya. ahaks

count - Initially we got only three enthusiastic weavers. So I had to go around with the mike. and we manage to get five. Then when the thing was about to start we got two guys more. Teruja gamaknya. ha ha ha

Mak LAng - heh heh begerdil pass kat orang lain. matilah sayabuat semua. Semua commitee masak sikit2.

simah said...

waaaa caya la... u mesti pengsan lepas habis semua tu...:0)

i pulak excited baca this entry..mesti best..

anggerik merah said... bestnya..tumb up to you!..yes, I can recognise familiar face.

MULAN said...

fulllamaakk.. tabik la, groovy mum. bagi tip nanti yek. 10 ekor ayam!!!! mak ooiii, lembik la jari u tu nanti.. tabik betul. tak knock out ke malam tu?

Mama Rock said...

lollies, i can ousource event management role to you la bila ada company minatk! you guys had a ball!

Lollies said...

simah - masa nak start event tu I ngantuk gila sebenarnya. tidur lambat. potong bawang segala. bangun awal beli ayam. rebus ayam. dengan bebudak lagi. script mc pun tak proper. I main hentam je. Habis event tu pulak i rasa excited gila. takleh tido. pulak

AM - nampak eh? he he

mulan - tak pulak. sangat teruja

mama rock - ha ha ha. saya amatlah amaturnya

atrco said...

tu awak kan yang macam menyorok tu..

betul ke?

sya said...

Gelihati tenguk the guy kira kacang tu.. boleh ke?

Kak Elle said...

minta permission untuk link bolih tak?

Lollies said...

artco - heh heh saya tak menyorok. tapi ketot. sebab tulah nampak macam nyorok. :P

sya - ha ha ha memang lawak. bukan dia aje. ramai lagi camtu. tak sempat nak ambik gambo aje

kak elle - kecik tapak tangan. satu qatar saya tadahkan. cewah

Anonymous said...

You mean 'executing', not 'prosecuting' i.e. ideas are executed, criminals/law-breakers are prosecuted.

Lollies said...

yup. cheers

ninuk said...

next time jemput me ... can do read aloud ... wohoyyy dapat makan soto lollies lagi.