Friday, November 02, 2007

I Miss You

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI miss you. Zachary has been using the three words to such great effect these days. He said I miss you when I picked him up from school and hugged me tight. He said I miss you to his dad when he comes back from a long journey home.

And what more, he said I miss you even to Loi Loi when they meet at open house after long weekdays. Oh Loi Loi's mums and siblings (all girls) are ever thrill of course.

Zachary is also the favorite of many of the "uncles" here particularly Mr. Adub. Mr. Adub has three daughters and no son (yet). He adores Zachary to bits and even spoon Zachary dinner whenever he can. And Zachary would always run to him first and hold his hands out so Mr Adub would carry him.

Last night at an open house, Zachary said to Mr. Adub, "hello Uncle. I miss you". Mr adub melted last night. he said to my lover, "Mak oi! Ko tau anak ko kata apa! Dia kata I miss you. Cair aku! Cair!"

And what's special about Zachary's I miss you is that he doesn't use it freely. I miss you is not cheap. He knows really when and to whom he should use it. Bless this child.

I am happy for my children. I am happy that they grow up surrounded by love not only from their immediate family, but also our friends and my friends children. Be it here and even my closest friends in Malaysia. My Pak dara mak dara and sebagainya.

I think, children who grow up knowing that they are loved in many ways, has good self confidence, Insya Allah. A high esteemed of oneself. A child who knows he is loved do not have to go into the world to prove himself right all the time. Because he is confident of himself. Even he is wrong, he knows he tried and people would love him regardless. And the world is a platform to learn, to teach and give.

This love from extended families are supporting love that is vital to a child's growth. It is laso important to nurture a more wholesome person that can connect with community. That can make them carry themselves as who they are, Insya Allah, without pretense.

Contrary to a child who is always condemned, criticised and snickered at, she grows as a rebel child. Having the need to prove herself all the time. To top it, she might have low self esteem of herself and very little confidence. She might also grow up thinking that everyone is against her, making her rebel even more.

I should know the latter one.

I am happy for my children.


Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

i went all "awwwwww..." memang cair lollies!

and lollies and lover, just by judging on the things i read, and the photos i see, you're bringing them up well, full, FULL of love.

have a good weekend guys!


w a n t w o b u c k l e m y s h o e said...

hehe malu lak nak ckp envious dgn jack jack. but being a 'former' rebel child for a whatever reasons, he's blessed to have such great mummy n the family and the others and like everybody around. hail jack jack!

Lollies said...

zaza - and they are made luckier with the love they get from the extended families as well.

wan - memang dia orang ni sangat beruntung compare dengan i. tu yang membesar tak jadi johan tu.

ummi said...

oh yes we need to hug and kiss them as much as we can.

Lollies said...

sorry if i have misled you guys. First kita as parents have all the right to marah our children and constructive criticism. Heh heh. normal apa tu. i do that all the time. i am no angel.

what i meant in this entry is that, love from extended families and friends help support a child to grow up a confident person.

so i must say, I am happy that my children enjoyed a good relationship with their extended families too. over here are my friends.

Anonymous said...

he's such a sweetheartttt! hee. reading ur blog makes me wana start my very own familyy. :)

BDP said...

Hey Jack Jack! We miss you too!

Theta said...

Dear Lollies,
Jack Jack is so smart - knowing WHEN to use the three little yet powerful words and to use them so sparingly! :)

I agree with you. Children must be raised in an environment of love and constant nurturing. That way, they would fully reap the benefits of people's care and attention.

Have a good day!

Lollies said...

ummi - indeed there is no other way

bini mokhtar - the best thing that happen to me. :)

bear - and him, you

theta - and i can see that sadia is enjoying that. she is the lucky one. eh sadia means lucky too right?

MULAN said...

jack jack ni memang cute lah.. sweetie sweetie little boy..

IbuHaziq said...

after reading ur post so happy for you and i am literally bersemangat to give the very best for my children ( the moment for haziq sorang jer la kan...hehehe)....n ur jack jack mmg la sgt adorable and smart...u must be a pround mommy to all ur children.... :)

anne said...

Jack Jack ni akan grow up to be so romantic i imagine;-)

Zainudin said...

jagalah cucu cucu ayah dan didiklah mereka sebaik mungkin semoga menjadi manusia yng berguna dibumi Allah ini

JoKontan said...


How does he actually pronounce (sp) it ? "Aii mizzzzzzzz yew ?".

1. Does happiness contributes to more Red Dots ? Mebbe kot ?!.

2. Nii datang dari gene mana nih ?

(I think I'd better ngajor Arip ngayat jugak nii. Anndd, not to forget, Ajimm too.)

Lollies said...

mulan :D

ibu haziq - I am sure you are giving your tip top best to your son and future children. good for you.

anne - ahaks!

ayah - Insya Allah

jokontan - dia cakap i miss you ajele. heh heh

tak red dots are contributed by allergies. :(

sapa yang dari gene mana? kalau passionate tu I lah. he he

to teach is to say it first to them. Bila I pick him up from school I usually say it first. now dia emulate.