Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winter is Coming

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe temperature reading on my dashboard display says that it is 22C. This is at 7 in the morning. Oh what a pleasant weather it is nowadays. It hits maximum 35C in the afternoon and the sun is pleasant and warm. The breeze is cooling. Indeed, winter is approaching. And I just can't wait.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe flowers and greens are back. The council is busy planting flowers and grasses on roundabouts and road dividers. Even the Ministry of Agriculture is dispensing advice on gardening. I bought a few pots myself. Even though, I know this effort can be futile. Come summer when I shall be away for two months, the plants will wilt in the death of the heat and thirst. Still if I can manage to salvage one plant which is now happily blooming beautiful pink flowers at my doorstep, I think a few more can survive.

I certainly look forward to winter for I love dressing up in the cold weather. Out come my jackets. Long red jacket. Hip suede brown jacket. Elegant green velvet blazer. I am thinking of buying one more. Another longer jacket, preferably brown. And I love my sweaters and jumpers to be worn for different feeling and different occasion. Jackets and jumpers always cover my bulges and I perasan they make me look smart. Put up the collar, I would look mysterious. Flip the lapel makes me look elegant. Not to mention elegant mufflers around the neck add the extra umph. And boots. Knee high boots to boot!

Winter time also means outdoor time. Lots of plans are buzzing now. In two weeks time I might go sandduning. There are other plans of barbecues. Desert camping. I am thinking of taking the kids out at the park more often this winter.

For about five months you most likely won't hear me complaining about the sun. In fact, the sun is a blessing during the cold time. When the clod breeze hits you, the sun will stroke your cheek and keep you warm.

Winter, the best season of the year in Qtar. Brrrrr!


Anonymous said...

apparently winter is the best season here too. when its summer, panas terik to the max and then sometimes hujan, which makes it worse since jalan kat delhi ni teruk gila, tak berturap punya so just imagine how dirty it would be! goshhh i sooo love winter now.
funny dat, cos i used to hate winter sooo much back in paris. hihi.

cikdinz said...

keter apa ni yeik. siap ada suhu kat luar lak....

ummi said...

oui.. winter is the best time to dress up.

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

it's 2c here. and we woke up with frost this morning. and this is just end of autumn. lakes and steams will be frozen come december and january... winter's definitely not my favourite season but i love the smell of it!

Enjoy winter in Qtar lollies!

(p.s: maghrib kol berapa kat sana?)


Lollies said...

bini mokhtar - satu jugak yg worrying is in december it will rain. with the no drain facilities here everywhere will be becak and muddy. tapi i welcome the cold anytime

cik dinz - most kereta beli kat sini memang ada temperature. sebab suhu kat sini can go extreme. the summer is 50+. a cold night winter can go to 2 (kalau kat dessertlah). by the way this is ford expedition.

ummi - i trust you would agree with me. nak ke abu dhabi tu bawaklah jaket-jaket yang best best. :D

zaza - winter here is like mild autumn in europe. and that is the best part of it. topeople here, however, that is considered very cold especially having gone through a 50+ summer.

maghrib pukul 4:40 kat sini. kat sana sure lagi awal tak?

shidah said...

after much negotiation and waiting hubby dah gi qatar dah.... i'll go there for a visit dec 15-29. if tak keberatan, boleh i datang visit you sekali? and can i have your phone # ?

maklang said...

selamat menyemart laa..nanti letak gambar nye dong!

Theta said...

Enjoy your winter!

Like Zaza, the winter was cold and with freezing rain when we were in Holland.

I really didn't look forward to bundling up a temperamental baby :)

But now, I miss it like crazy!

JoKontan said...

I hate wearing jackets in the winter..

Apa2 yang udah tembam tuu, jadik gendot pulak.

Enjoy your winter..

BDP said...

dah beli winter coat ker? make sure beli yang bulu onta yah!

atiza said...

tiba2 lagu ni dlm kepala aku..

..these boots are made for walking..
..that is what they'll do.. of these days those boots are gonna walk all over you..

happy winter..

idham said...

yea....nice weather now....also BBQ season has started...kalau weekend rumah keliling rumah saya ni berBBQ..hehehe

good to see u were in Nuetral Gear when that picture ws taken...:)

enjoy the nice weather!


cikdinz said...

insyallah kalu ada rejki, saya nak ke sana. kalau betul projek kat sana menjadi.
itu pun tahun depan kot. tak pun 2009...

simah said...

just ur description .. make one's mind goes wonder!.. can imagine u n ur beautiful winter clothing... cantik la bunga tu.. tu bunga apa tu lollies?

MULAN said...

cooooollll...!!! u & the weather..!! kasi gambar2 ya.

Lollies said...

shidah - email me. i 20hb keatas tak ada sini. :)

mak lang - hahahah.

theta - he he. i understand. i want to go back to the UK as well. i miss the four seasons.

jo - kat sini winter dia takyah berbundle sangat. tu yang best tu.

bear - hahahaha. kat sini yang kulit unta orang selalu pakai kalau nak overnight kat dessert.

atiza - aku pun ternyanyi baca lyric ko tulis tu

idham - mestilah neutral. kalu tengah driving at 140km/h semangat gak tu.

cik dinz - iya? waah tambahlah lagi warga malaya di sini. :D

simah - err tak taulah bunga apa. tanam aje nama tak tau. *malu*

mulan - kalau rajinlah