Monday, November 05, 2007

Third Batch of Open House: Done!

This time round we invited mostly the "bachelors" over. And also a few families who know these "bachelors". Apparently all the three families I invited, do not know each other. I hope they do now. :D

The guests were again not many. About ten.

I cooked nasi ayam (chicken rice). I chose nasi ayam, because this has got to be the most simple dish ever to make especially for group invitation. Make the chicken soup kaw kaw, and you get the rice. Tapi I ada tips baru untuk masak nasi ayam yang semerbak harum. *winks*. Take the chicken out, throw stuff to marinate the chicken and fry after a few hours. As for the fibre, toss some salad, slice tomatoes and cucumbers. Walah you are ready.

Perhaps the most tedious part for me is to make the chilly sauce. Because I always use fresh red chillies and I would deseed them. And of course I must get bawang goreng and daun bawang and kuah kicap. Barulah nampak presentable.

I wanted an easy menu knowing that I had two open house invitation during the day. So my time was pressing. My open house was at the later night. And luck has it, both of the open houses I went today served nasi ayam as well. And at least two of my guests that day went to one of the open houses.

To top it, sometimes I get panic when I think that I cook too little. When all the guests were savagely attacking the nasi ayam, I got fickled. I thought that the rice would run out soon. I went against my lover's advice and cooked a bit more rice. Which, in the end was not touched. So you can only guess what we had the next daylah kan.

Mabuk nasi ayam aku!

I also cooked roti jala with chicken curry. I am probably not good at whipping the batter, that in the end I had to sift the batter to have a smoother one. And making things worst, my plastic roti jala mould(?)is not very good. (This is actually the case of not being able to dance, blame the floor). The funnel(?) is not smooth. Some tiny plastic bits are at the end of it.

This tiny bits at the end of the funnel somehow disturbs the flow of the batter. making my roti jala looked like roti titik-titik.

So to kirai the roti jala took a lot of my time. This is on top knowing that to make roti jala aready is a painstaking one by one work. And I rejected the ugly ones. Which notlah that many. I exaggerate mostly. Only about four out of I don't know. Quite a lot.

The highlight of the day also was the air jagung and mint tea.

I had a good time that day. One of the families who came, Ms. Fash, had her mother with her. Lucky lucky her. Her mother sangat berkenan dengan Haziq. And partly that was the reason she agreed to come to my house despite her being tired after shopping the whole day. She also said somehow she feels very content being here in my house. Wowser! Despite the rummage of the children's room!

Suffice to say, I enjoy each of my open houses. Rasa macam puas dan akrab sekali dengan kengkawan.


Anonymous said...

Wahh.. makan lagi. I was down with diarhoea yesterday after attended one open house..

My makan2 is coming since the one with chicken pox has recovered. One on thursday bday/raya for kakak's friend, and one on sunday for my friends. bersilatlah nampaknyer kat dalam kitchen yang sekangkang kera tu.

Mehlah datang..

Anonymous said...

Wow..lolls you ada 3 batch open hse. Tabik spring tau kat you. I sempat buat 1 for my auntie je. Nanti lah balik dr US I nak jemput my new neigbours.

Anonymous said...

tskk.. teringin giler nak mkn nasi ayam but here takde daun pandan. nasi dia masak tak pakai daun pandan ok ker kak?

btw, im only here for 3months, hubby got transfered here. tak sabo nak balikkkkk ;D

simah said...

eh lollies.. roti jala pun ada mould ka? this is the first time i dengar :0)

nasik ayam eh? lepas ni posa tak makan nasik ayam for a month ka? *chuckles*...

still.. u being the domestic goddess.. as usual..everything memang sure was a hit punya... take care... now u deserve to rest... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :0)

p.s...raya dah habis kan?

Lollies said...

ummi - alahai. itulah yang paling takut sekali. orang kena diarhoea datang rumah kita.

Bersilat memang. Nak nak kalau tak ada helper. macam nak pengsan. Tapi puas hati. :)

terimakasih jemut. share menu ajele since kitatakleh pergi pun

BF - err you gi US ke ni?

bini mokhtar - boleh. daun pandan bukan maiin ingredient. ianya selaku bonus saja dalam nasi. ada ayam kalu soma jadi. kalau ada serai pun ok. tapi cuba you tengok2. i rasa macam ada aje pandan kat sana..maybe ta k fofular aje

simah - habis apa nama bekas tu? I tak taulah bahasa inggerisnya.

cikdinz said...

uih.. sampei 3 kali buat open house.
tak jemput pun... hehehehee..

superunknown said...

mummy mmg superb hostlah. hehe. kene selalu recharge bateri la from exhaustion.

ZazaHardy said...

fuhyooo raya sakan! next time the mould fail, try doing it with an icing bag! pas tu pattern dia buat sukati hentam punya, but make sure the colong/nozzle are very kecik punya! (i havent had roti jala for almost 3 years nih) but i'm sure your roti titik titik tastes good, regardless!

how i wish we were neighbours! ;) hehe..


Anonymous said...

u nyer nasi ayam mmg sedap....superb...lain kali jgn lupa kitaorg lagi yek...mmg enjoyed ourself that nite....especially lepak2 at yr kitchen sambil gossip2 hehehhehe....