Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy Happy Happy

PrimaryBasic tagged me. It's a simple tag really. Put up three recent photos of the things that had made you happy.

So here goes.

PhotobucketThis is a picture of Sya and Jack "helping" me doing kek batik. This is actually my third attempt, in the two years I am here in Qtar, doing kek Batik. The taste in all attempts are really good. Seriously miloish chocolaty good. But my first two attempts turned out a big to splodgy (is there such a word). It was difficult to cut. So I had to cut in a big square, but it still turned out like a blob of textured mud.

And today, on my third attempt, it turned out quite good. Easy to cut, and it actually come out to the shape I want. I altered the recipe a bit. :D. Or perhaps I should be patient stirring the chocolate?

I brought it to someone's house for lunch. And to have the cake cut in front of everyone, with the cake turned out easy on the eyes and lovely in the mouth was a joy. Sedapnya..siapa buat ni, orang tanya. Happy happy Happy!

Err too bad I didn't have a picture of the kek batik though.

PhotobucketHaziq and Sya had karate exam today. I felt proud looking at Haziq performed. He certainly had gone out from his takut-takut and lack of confidence and blur days to someone who can be serious and know what he is doing boy. Well at least for his karate.

PhotobucketHe had definitely gone far better than during his silat days two years ago. And for the improvement I see in him, I must say I am proud of him.

That's the way to go Haziq! Ibu happy happy happy.

Haziq is the one far back in the silat photo. He was seven then.

For pictures of his silat days go HERE.

PhotobucketLook look who has a new brown trench coat. Ohh don't I just love cold season.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

And with that I would like to read your happy happy stories in photos. Thus I tag Elisa, Dory and Zaza. And the rest of you who like to do the same.


ninuk said...

canggih nye itu trench coat. macam detektif.

MULAN said...

stay cool my fren...!!! i suka photo no 3 tu..

zharif pun baru nak join taekwando but hubby ni bwk dia pi diving lesson pulak.. habis la tone anak i..

Man Bucit said...

fulamak, dah 2 tahun ke dok sana? cepat sungguh masa berlalu ...

Ummi said...

Elehh saje nak buat i jeles eh.. masa i gi auh belum cukup sejuk nak pakai trench coat..hubs kata skrg dah sejuk giler..skrg ada cheap fair naik qatar gi auh lah.. tak pesal je buang duit sebab nak pakai baju tebal ek?

Lollies said...

ninuk - call me sherlock lolls now. hahahahha

mulan wowser! diving pun best gak! lantaklah budak kecik hitam. okapa

bucit - sekejap je kan? really.

ummi - tak apa pakai aje kat malaysia. ramai kumpulan rock kat msia pun pakai trench coat. hahahaha. eh tapi itu tahun 80an aje ek

cikdinz said...

pakai kot tu takde kesian.
ada mcm inspektor gadget....