Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Succumbed

I use to snicker at those ladies who wear gloves when they drive. Takut sangat hitam. Siap bersalut pakai baju the other way round tu takut lengan hitam. Pakai ajelah long sleeve tu betul-betul.

Photobucket And now look at me.

OKlah oklah. Ketawa! Ketawa!

After driving here under the scorching sun in the mid day, when the sun is at its most cruel mode, in a country infamous for its heat, for two years, my hands has tanned. Pitch tanned! I suppose i don't mind it being tan so much, but it has also aged!

Old wrinkled up. Ugly lines. I smeared intensive hand lotion now. But I am taking further action to maintain at least a middle aged hand. i wear gloves when I drive.

And I also think I want to only wear slip on shoes next time. No more those sandal with wedgies in between my toes. Just so I can wear stockings, because my feet is also aging. Eii I hate stockings actually. Sungguh rimas. And don't suggest me those colourful socks which fits your toes as well. I am a goddess ok. I cannot go out with stilettos and those colourful stripy socks.

PhotobucketBut this needs to be done. I can feel my feet burning up when I walk to pick the kids up. A good 15 minutes walk, and that is only for Haziq. Under hot hot sun ok.

If before I dare to take pictures of my feet on the beach. Now? It would look like two coal objects, wrinkled up.

Ketawa. Ketawa.

Tengoklah tangan dan kaki sapa cantik nanti.


Ummu Layth said...

eh lollies, kat sini ada tau those toe socks that aren't multicoloured. they're black or navy. hehehe

i tak kisah sgt tangan tan masa drive but bila kena sun tu it is so hot...macam terbakar tangan...pedih!

Ummi said...

Talking about tan, my 8 days in middle east sudah cukup buat my hand jadi two tone. Dark color from wrist to fingers and lighter tone from my wrist up to elbow, because I wore long sleeve. Now that I am back, it is so visible when I wear my 3/4 sleeves. Yang paling best 2 jam jeans dah kering..KL is very gloomy now you know.. hari2 hujan.. baju semua tak kering..kena masuk dryer yang menaikkan my electricity bill.

Lollies said...

ummi layth - i ni kan memang tak pandai shopping. mesti tak jumpa pun stockings yang camtu.

tulah sun tu pedih sangat. dulu eksyen i ni. now kenalah cover. bughuk betullah.

ummi - bayangkanlah saya kat sini. dah macam kuda belang.

eh kat sini dah hujan hari ni. tak taulah macamana nak keringkan baju. dahlah sejuk. tapi yayy i like rain

dlt said...

hehe! me too like urself kurang gemar tengok ladies wearing gloves/baju terbalik while driving. tapi agaknya kalu giler panas, apa pun kita buat,kan? sapa nak berbelak2 tangan cam gitu. eh! leh kena heat burn tak kat sana?

IbuHaziq said...

hehe...kelakar kan kena la jaga tangan tu kan...kot kang tk sama rata lak kaler kulit tangan ngn part2 yg lain :p

Lollies said...

dlt - panas gila you. especially i drive masa tengahari. since i punjenis gelap i dont get burned. tapi i get hitamer and hitamer.but i use sunblocklah. so tak burn cuma hitam je

ibuhaziq - dah tak sama dah colournya. and worst tangan gets ddarker faster than face you know. so tangan and kaki i hitam sungguh in relative to muka. muka pun errr hitam gak.

ok hitam tu taklah horror ke apa. tapi part nampak tua tu yg bosan sikit

Swahili said... might start a trend with the coloured tan hands and legs...*joking*

On the bright side, you can go real classy with gloves and nice covered shoes...isnt it cold in Qatar?

It rain here too..lucky i grab the clothes, guess like you, im one of the surviving sans believer of dryers too...

Good list for 2008.

Earthmom said...

Good idea to wear gloves esp in hot climate tapi mcm I tak boleh drive pakai sarung tangan , rasa macam tak puas pusing stering. Tapi I memang jenis hitam (manis) pun. Maybe I should get some sort of gloves for my swimming laps so I don't turn dark as coal hehe!