Thursday, January 03, 2008


The vision I had about Kh0bar is that it is a small arab town with nothing much to offer. But as I entered Khobar,after a slight jam at the checkpoint, the road widens and the road system is excellent. When Mr. Taufik took us for rounds in Kh0bar, I can see there are many big names for shopping. There are Zara (sales! sales!), NEXT and many malls which I am sure house many goodies. i wouldn't know since I didn't go. Like as if these are benchmarks for great cities.

In S@udi you probably need to get use of the presence of soldiers everywhere. We were surprised at the numerous checkpoints along the way. But there are more later. Entering Elisa's compound you will find armies guarding the place complete with guns with names like AK47 and some combination of letters and sounds like M16, C3PO, R2D2, RO51 and the likes. There was the tank like car, and a small hut supposedly a ready sniper sits there aiming at you. The group of men complete with uniform and looking like the middle east soldiers you see on TV. It was almost intimidating.

But if you know S@audi, you'd probably appreciate how much secure the compound residence would feel with the presence of extra guard. My kids are happy at Elisa's place. Compared to where I am staying now, which is not a compound, they'd prefer Elisa's anytime. haziq, rode the bicycle like he has never seen one for ages. err which is quite true actually.

And when he had a chance to play the quad bike (ATV - all terrain vehicle), he went ramming with glee. We let them loose for a while at the Half Moon Beach. Is it Shatarul Nisful Qamar?


In Khobar I ate alot! My goodness. there were invitations everyday. On top of that Elisa took us to all the places that she frequent. I dare not go up the scale up till today. Takkuuuttt! And stuff are so cheap in S@udi (compared to Qtar). The S@udi government, in the effort of combating inflation, subsidise the basic groceries which are logical for such a rich country like them. Ramai rakyat Qtar sendiri keluar ke s@udi pada hari minggu untuk membeli barangan runcit. Tak taulah ni legal ke tak memandangkan hak keistimewaan subsidi barangan runcit adalah untuk rakyat dan residen S@udi. I myself bought a few things.

Oh Elisa took us to this one great place to buy Arabian look stuff. You can check out the website at Desert Designs. I bought a few things. You know simple stuff like coasters, fridge magnets, a little table-stool, and a wooden tray. Elisa bought her prized kilim rug. he he. Eh I bought this little woolen bag, like the one that they hang on the camel's saddle. But I am too lazy to take photo. Plus its not hung yet.

But as I was looking at that thing, the owner came (I think he is the ownerlah) and explained that it is actually a bag that they put on the camel, so you can put stuff in there. I replied since I don't have camels, I shall just put it on the wall. He said, oh yes. We all still hang it on our camels. They are all parked outside at the parking lot. Buahahahahha.

Photobucket Photobucket
The pots are bought in Qtar though. Haggling to 5 Riyal each on the basis that they are saghir (small).

I think this must be our most relaxing holiday ever. We lazed about in the house and chat till late night. Stuff ourselves with masakan Elisa. She even broiled us crayfish(?) and prepared in advance her famous panacotta.

I end this with a big thank you for the warm and wonderful hospitality. We had a good time.

The only picture in S@udi is the children playing ATV HERE.


ummi said...

When my kids saw your photos, they wanted to go on one. Someday when i have enough money to bring the whole clan.. he he..

Musandam? Yep great..i wanted to make a u-turn upon reaching tibat and my hubs said go ahead. Just can't get enuff of it. So much of ooohh ahhhh while driving he he he.. But time was very limited then, got to run to muscat.

simah said...

a true holiday betul.... someone to act as tour guide... tak payah household chores...jalan n shopping and wonderful people all around... mak dia tak naik ker quad bike tu??nampak mcm best betul la! tak payah kena ada lsen nak naik kan?

Swahili said...

Hmm...suka suka suka..current song. Suka Bangat Sting - police datang Singapore this month end.

Bukan tak suka your entry, but got sidetrack with the song and the camel's teeth err no assocation actually :-)

Earthmom said...

very cute souvenirs! nice song too!

JoKontan said...

Did you see ND70 or EOS40Dx ? :-)

Cakap pasal famous panacotta...

Somehow, Maam accidently saw it first at O2, then was linked thru Elisa.

Now, whoever drop by @ home, will be served with Panacotta, which I think is Gggreat !!

Thanks to Elisa and O2 too !

Lollies said...

ummi - nanti bila soma dah ke sana, bolehlah sewa anytime.

simah - mak dia naik. tapi gambarnya tak di ambik. legaaa. he he

swahili - i dont blame you. when it comes to sting, oohh sungguh mengasyikan

earthmom - i think so too :D

jokontan - hahahahhahaha. d70x i nampak

bila nak buat panacotta ni? saya nak makan

elisataufik said...

I was looking for a bakul for you and discovered this shop, ARabian heritage Gallery. Macam dessert design tapi lagi cantik and lagi lagi lagi mahal. (and tak jual carpet). They sell authentic Saudi stuff though. Kitorang masuk tengok2 aje lah :)

cikdinz said...

syukur kat m'sia tak mcm tuh. kalu kat semua town ada askar, mesti takut nak jalan-jalan....

Lollies said...

elisa - lagi mahal? bolehlah tegok lain kali ek? mana tau ada jual fridge magnet murah (since itu je mampu)

cik dinz - actually kita kena syukur yang kat malaysia tak ada orang yang fanatik macam kat saudi. yang askar banyak ni cuma kat compound yang adabanyak expat aje. kat jalan biasa taklah. except checkpoints. dia orang terpaksa buat camni sebab rakyat dia banyak yang extremist. dok bunuh expat suka-suka hati.pancung kepala heret pakai kereta. tembak. terutamanya omputehlah yang kena. habis saudi amsih perlukan expat untuk majukan negara dia orang. sapa nak datang kalau hidup tak secure. that's why ada askar jaga compound. not to scare you. tapi scare the extremists.

infact the residence are thankful for the presence of these askars.

Earthmom said...

Hi lollies,
kalau you nak tengok, I dah upload video geysers at my blog! :)

MULAN said...

wallaaaa... great trip..!! seronoknyaaa..!!! he he, i'm back..!! seronok jugak though sedih giler tinggal kan vietnam tu. 10 years beb..